Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ah, you can't beat Mac-O-Lanterns on Halloween!! In that grand tradition of All Hallows Eve, Hefty and I went out for dinner. We're back now and off to bed to watch some Bab 5. I ache all over today, it's really weird, and painful. If I randomly poke different areas of skin, it hurts! Luckily, I still have some strong pain killers left over from when I was in hospital so I'm going to take them before I go to sleep.

I think it's tension, I've encountered bad drivers all day, and it's been quite stressful as I'm not in my own car. Poor Flexo had an oil leak so is in for 3 days while they fix him. So I'm in a jeep, which isn't at all sporty, and my ability to hoon around has been somewhat impaired.

Had a bit more of a play with Leopard today, it's really good! I'm still obsessed with the rollercoaster thing in Photo Booth but that's okay! The iPhone will arrive next week (with a free Playstation 3, random) so we're looking forward to trying it out and hooking up all our apps. Was moaning about The Gadget Show again today (yes, I'm still grumbling) to one of my chums, and he was telling me he has the Nokia they were making out to be so fabulous. Apparently, the battery life is shit, and he says for all the 'wonderful' things it apparently does, if it doesn't have the battery life to support it, what's the point? I like Nokias, and have one myself (a different one) but I have to agree. You'd think they'd give it a decent battery. It's a common complaint too, I read lots of forums about it today, seems really strange. Hopefully the iPhone's battery is plentiful! Though I'm sure it won't fail to disappoint. I worked out I've been a Mac user for 12 years now, and as I've loved everything they've ever put out so far, I'm thinking next week's going to be a blast!


Monday, October 29, 2007


The Gadget Show REALLY annoys me a lot of the time. I think this is mainly due to the hideous Suzi Perry and the fact she's just ridiculous. It hasn't finished yet, but this week they're testing the iPhone, and what really got my goat was that she referred to the camera function on mobile phones as being 'the single most important function on a phone.'

Er, NO!!! It's a frakking phone!! We have these things called 'Cameras' (without the word 'phone' attached) for which that statement is applicable. They then slagged off the iPhone's photo ability because it wasn't taking good pictures in a really dark, seedy club in Barcelona. *Note* - the kind of people who are going to buy an iPhone aren't likely to be hanging round dark, seedy clubs in Barcelona, trying to take pictures of dark, seedy people.

FFS!!! Very annoying. Also, WHY are they testing it in Barcelona? And now they're doing some ridiculous navigation test. Bunch of frakking FUCKRONS!!!

I am so annoyed I feel like crying.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

BIG frakking disappointment

Okay so we finally finished season 3 of Battlestar.

What a pile of SHIT! Where was the BRILLIANT, AWESOME ending that the internet has hinted at for so long?!! I have SO many issues with it that I'm actually REALLY angry!!!!

As part of 'Net-tiquette' I am obliged to write **SPOILERS BEGIN HERE** before I have my rant, so **SPOILERS BEGIN HERE**!!!!

- Part 1 of the 2 part ending episodes was boring as hell. It was OBVIOUS Baltar would get off and the Adamas' would be unhappy bunnies. PLUS, Apollo's little speech actually rang true with me, loads of horrible things HAVE happened and other people HAVE got off. Yes Baltar is an uber-prick, but is he really any worse than a lot of the others? And why did Anders sleep with that munter assistant of the President's? She's rank!

- Part 2, well, where do I begin? I have NO idea what the point of hearing 'All Along the Watchtower' was. It made no sense and was quite frankly really irritating. I found the bit near the end where all 4 were stood humming it to be just ridiculous. And yes, it was also OBVIOUS that Starbuck was alive and well, so I expected her to show up, but NOT looking like butter wouldn't melt with a whiny almost Northern tone going "Aiyaa Leeeee, s'alright, 'ave been t'Earth and am gonna take ya there."

You know what? I have absolutely NO idea what's going on, I am just plain confused. And extremely disappointed, cos I'm only going to watch season 4 now because I need to know what the frak is going on, NOT because I can't wait to see it.


**SPOILERS END HERE** - though I am of the opinion they can't spoil the ending anymore than it's spoiled itself :0(

So I'm really upset, cos it was just crap, and I was expecting it to be so good. I'm going to have to go and watch some Babylon 5 now to redeem my belief in Sci-Fi entertainment.


In other news, I was ill again, but then managed to tidy the study (at last), make more flapjack, and bake a fabulous big chocolatey cake for my sister's birthday tomorrow. We're going to an Autumnal event at a stately home to see seasonal baking, scarecrow making, pumpkin carving, and loads more stuff that I can't remember. We're also picnicking, but the weather looks horrendous, so it could be a challenge.

We now have Leopard, which is AWESOME!!!!! I'm loving the new background thing on Photobooth, especially the one where you can pretend you're on a rollercoaster! Stacks are a pretty cool function too, but that's about as far as I got, cos Hefty is installing it on EVERYTHING and playing with it.

My posting is all a bit disjointed today, sorry about that. Think it's cos I'm so tired....ZZZZzzzzzz.....and I'm still reeling from the BSG let down.

Well, as my writing has gone to pot and I'm knackered, I think I'll leave this be. Not all posts have to be works of literary genius (hurrah) so I'll leave this in the mess that it is.

Like BSG.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The wrinklypeeps aint lying

I'm beginning to believe that spiel old people spout about having no time when they retire! I've not stopped! Well, I've been ill, but when I wasn't being ill I didn't stop!

I had another tidying spurt on Friday, and Hefty was very impressed when he got home. In fact, he's very impressed every day with my various antics. It makes everything seem so much more worthwhile, as a simple thing like cleaning the fridge really cheers him up! He's very appreciative, and I really like doing it, so I definitely have NO regrets about packing in work!

On Friday night, SuperSaz came over, and we ate badass steak, watched Have I Got News For You, Not Going Out, and then Rogue Trader - the Ewan McGregor film about Nick Leeson, not that consumer programme on BBC1!

On Saturday, we had a bit of a lie in then went to the glorious Bang & Olufsen shop, which is at the opposite side of Leeds to us but well worth the trip! Within ten minutes we were the proud owners of a Beocom 6000!

The handset looks white on this picture, but it's actually light grey. It comes in different colours but we liked this one the most, as black was too obvious and the other ones would have looked silly. It's really cool, as you can have as many handsets as you like (up to 8) as long as you have the base station, and you can name them all depending where you keep them. It doesn't have an answer facility, but it tells you if you have any missed calls and what number it was, and time etc. and you can programme in all your names and numbers using the iPod-esque wheel. AND, you can use it to turn the volume up on the TV if you can't find the remote!! How cool is that?!! Obviously you have to have a B&O TV, it won't work on anything!

So when we got home, we programmed in some numbers and fiddled with the ring tones (there's 8) and then sat admiring it.
Ooh, but before that, back in the shop, we also looked at the Beovision 6 - 26, which we're hopefully going to get in time for Christmas. It's a V.pretty TV and will look super in the bedroom. Plus, we can switch the remote that comes with it:

For the funky new one that they've put out! Which we'll do, because once you've got the first one, you can use it on all your B&O stuff, so we may as well have the spanky fab touch screen jobby:

But we're going to use the old B&O remote upstairs with the new TV, and keep the funky one to use downstairs with our current TV. Which I may as well post a picture of as I seem to have put everything else on here today! This is our Beovision Avant (or something?!):

So there, a veritable Beofest! Very exciting!

In other news, I saw an episode of The Hoobs the other day, and James Bolam was in it, as a 'Wrinklypeep', as opposed to a 'Tiddlypeep', for those who don't know that that's what the Hoobs call children. It was well random, he was sat in an armchair looking confused, as Iver and Groove tried to cheer him up. I've never seen anything like it! And I'm not sure if it actually happened, it was THAT weird. But, he didn't have ANYTHING to do, which leads me to think he isn't really retired, otherwise he'd be busy, like me.

We also went all over the place looking for a new kitchen, and settled on one from MFI, which I didn't expect. There's someone coming out to measure up this morning, but we're not getting one til after Christmas cos we like to pay for stuff outright, and it'll take Hefty a couple of months to save up for it, especially with us getting the new TV and stuff.

On Sunday, we got up really late, and then watched TV whilst I made a thank you card for all my work chums. Then we went out for dinner, came home and watched TV again (though I fell asleep).

Yesterday, I did some cleaning again, and baked blueberry muffins and flapjack. I picked Hefty up from work and we went to look at kitchens (more specifically the one we wanted, and we arranged fore-mentioned vist) and Habitat, where we bought some pillows and other bedding stuff.

Ooh, my Chillow arrived! It didn't help much last night though as I had a hideous night's sleep. I could go on but I've just realised what time it is! I've got to take Hefty to work! Plus, I've written an essay already!

I shall love you and leave you for now. G'bye!


P.S. Tim, I reckon you'll be getting some post today! ;0)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sleeeepy nonsense

I'm not doing so well at this daily blogging malarkey am I? My first week of retirement I thought I'd be writing every day, but I've just been ill!! Which sucks! But then I remembered that's why I retired in the first place so I guess it was to be expected.

Cold has gone, was replaced yesterday by Uber-Headache Beast, with dizzy spells and a general feeling of crappity. Is crappity a word? I'm not sure, but I just wrote it and it looks and sounds good so I'm going to keep using it. CRAPPITY!

We saw Ratatouille on Wednesday night which was awesome!!! I now want to call my dog Remy, but I'm not sure it works, cos he won't be a blue rat.

Today I'm trying to get going again, and had a mad cleaning frenzy. The house looks great, but I'm now shattered and my eyes are all droopy. 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid' is on so I'm watching that as I write/drop off. It's such a cool film, and though it's brilliant, it's exactly the kind of film I find so comforting I fall asleep watching it.

Doesn't help that it's sunny and warm....ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I"m not impressed that Murder She Wrote isn't on, it's staple daytime TV viewing! I'm also not loving seeing Christmas adverts, I don't want to hear 'that' Slade song when it is Christmas, so I really don't want to hear it in October!!

I need to go and buy eggs. But I've got a headache again.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Well, it's day 2 of my new career as a House Goth, and not only is Murder She Wrote NOT on, I've got a stinking cold. I went on a cleaning rampage yesterday which was brill, but I wanted to finish off today, and I can't really cos I'm too ill. I have no energy and can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose :0( Was supposed to be seeing my sister and the Biz today but have had to cancel. Pah!


Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well, my retirement on Friday was absolutely AWESOME!!! I literally spent all day talking to everyone I know, eating, and getting presents!! And let me tell you, I got some WICKEDACE presents!!!

- Funky rubber gloves
- Funky washing up brush
- 4 Milky Bars (big ones)
- Open All Hours DVD
- 2 Emus (let's not forget it was also Rod Hull Day on Friday!)
- The Complete Transformers Boxed Set
- Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet
- Delia Smith's How to Cook - Books 1, 2 and 3
- Anthea Turner's How to be a Perfect Housewife book

As well as a shed load of cards! Unbe-effing-lievable!! Check 'em out!

I really had no idea I was going to get all these brilliant things, I feel like my birthday has come early!!

It was a bit strange really, quite surreal, and I'm not sure it's sunk in yet that that's it, no more work!!! But I'm rather glad, cos I really am knackered!!! I had my leaving do on Thursday night, which involved me and 16 other people moseying on down to the city centre for a slap up Italian meal. I'm pleased to report that a super time was had by all, and despite there being so many of us, the food was excellent. I got home and into bed for midnight, then woke up at 4am (as stated in my previous blog), so just got up! Don't know how I saw the day out to be honest, though it took it's toll later that evening, when I fell asleep on the sofa and missed Have I Got News For You, Not Going Out, Q.I and I forgot to tape The Tudors. Blast! I only watch TV one sodding night of the week and I missed it all in one fowl swoop! (Is that the correct spelling/expression? I'm not sure, I just know there's a swoop involved.)

Rod Hull Day was fab though, and I'm delighted to say that the cake debacle was quickly rectified! The new and correct cake was a stonker!!! Look out below...................!

Obviously, the highlight was getting TWO Emus! My friend Starbar bought me one, and then so did JT, who was gutted when she found out that SB had got in first. She told me about it and I quickly put her straight. TWO Emus is much better than one!!! It's like a nest! In fact, I could probably do with a 3rd!!! This seemed to cheer her up so all was well!

Phew. I tell you, the day was a bit of a blur, but I remember getting home and trying out the OP helmet - or rather, fighting Hefty for it! - and having a Chinese takeaway, something we haven't done for ages.

So there. That's me, a lady of leisure. Tomorrow, I'm going to have a good clean! And maybe make some muffins! Ooh, and I'll have to watch Murder She Wrote!

I'm also waiting for the solution to my night-time problems (hopefully) to arrive. I have ordered a weird but wonderful thing called a 'Chillow,' which is guaranteed to help me cope with my night-time hot flushes. I don't know how it works, but as long as it does that'll be good enough for me!

This is the spec:

- Relieves discomfort from overheating in any part of the body
- Uses a unique cooling pad
- Gives you a lasting, cool and comforting sensation
- Helps to give you a superior sleep
- Allergy free
- Always ready for use whenever you need it
- Use it on any part of your body
- It is light it so can be taken abroad when traveling in hotter climates
- There is no other product on the market like it
- Doesn’t need refrigeration
- Always cool not cold, dry not wet and soft not hard

I'll let you know if it's any good, though I'm not sure why anyone not suffering from some kind of overheating problem would want one!

So that's me for now.

Over and out.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Rod Hull Day!!!!

So today is Rod Hull Day!!!! It was my leaving do last night, I went to bed at 12am and woke up at 4am :0( So I decided to blog. Actually, I'm not really blogging, not properly, I just wanted to say Happy Rod Hull Day!! I'll write about my do later, I'm not quite with it at the mo.

Hope anyone out there celebrating the legend that is, Rod Hull, has a super day!!!!

I shall take photos today, and maybe put them up! I know I often threaten to put photos up but I'm a bit crap at it.

Ooh, and today is my last day at work! I am officially retiring at the ripe old age of 27!!

It's all a bit weird.......I think the look on Rod's face says it all....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

May I just draw your attention to....

....these quirky items!

At least that's my funeral sorted. I'm not much of a planner so it's good to know I'm partially organised in some areas.

Have just realised that tonight's postings have been death-themed. Hmmm. Sorry about that.


Well, my Rod Hull Day preparations have had a 'spanner in the works' style moment. Went to Costco tonight, as I'd ordered one of their massive celebration cakes that you can personalise and choose a design for, for the bargain price of ten punds. I opted for pink balloons and the words 'Happy Rod Hull Day,' but WHAT'S THIS???!!!! I get to the bakery, they bring me my cake, and it's covered in big pink icing roses and a funereal style plaque! Okay yes, it has the words 'Happy Rod Hull Day' on it, but it looks like the kind of cake he should have had at his burial, NOT at all appropriate for the celebratory occasion that is Rod Hull Day!! So after some umming and ahhing, Hefty spoke to the baker man and told him it was WRONG! Luckily, the form I'd filled in was attached to it, so you could see they'd made an error. But they couldn't do it then and there, so I've got to go back tomorrow, and as it's my leaving do tomorrow evening, I'm going to have to do it at lunch time, which is uber annoying!! I hope they get it right tomorrow, or I'll be most upset. Also though, it's kind of embarrassing having to pick up and pay for a cake that says 'Happy Rod Hull Day' on it, but sending it back seems even worse!!1 What will they do with the one they messed up? They can't exactly put it out and sell it to someone else! Unless I'm not the only one who does this.....

Oh my gods! I just wrote a shed load of stuff, and blogger deleted it all and saved it!! Bastard!! I'm not writing that out again :0( That's really pissed me off, stupid thing!!!

FFS, I feel the need to go and kick something now >:0(

I'd written 2 more lengthy paragraphs, and good ones too! Pah!

Grumpy iP

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Well, the thought of giving up work on Friday has given me a renewed sense of blogvitality, and I just can't stop myself! Having all that free time means I might actually be a proper blogger again, with daily postings, and a chance to be part of a real blog-community again, like I used to be. How exciting!

Having just said that, I think my main item for today was the dog thing. Hmmm.

Well, I suppose I can say that we're progressing with BSG 3, currently watching episode 8, and we're on to Season 3 of Babylon 5, so we're still sci-fi party animals. I'm not quite understanding what's going on in BSG, one of the Cylons is dreaming, some bloke called Bulldog has appeared, it's all a bit weird, but hopefully I'll know what's happening by the end of it.....

....hmm, no, that episode didn't shed a great deal of light on much. And now there's a lot of boxing going on, and hazy Apollo/Starbuck love scenes. Personally, I think Starbuck's pretty lucky she ever got anywhere with Anders, she's no oil painting, and he's a damn fine looking fella. I think it's sad she's with him but fancies Apollo, and it's not fair on Dee either, and the fact I'm analysing it this much probably means something too. I've turned into a 3AM Girl, and I'm not even sure what one of those is?!! Not loving this episode though, hope it gets better........

I've just remembered I need to make a birthday card. Bugger.

Some models are right dogs....

Well, here it is, the long awaited dog coat packaging with my sister's dog on it. It was a right faff to put up so in the end I had to do screen prints - rubbish!!

Model Factfile
Model: Sugar.
Breed: Maltese.
Hair Colour: White.
Age: 5.
Likes: Carrots, sleeping, Balamory.
Hates: Excercise, Jeremy Kyle, that 'I has Cheezeburger' or whatever it's called, website.


Let me tell you about a genius product that has revolutionised my life - Lyon's Coffee Bags. That's right, coffee, in a bag!! Obviously there's nothing quite like the good stuff, and I do frequent the usual caffeine haunts just like anyone else, but sometimes when I'm at home, I just CAN'T be bothered to put on the filter machine, spark up the espresso beast, or deal with the mess of my cafetiere. THIS, is where coffee bags come in, because it's coffee, in a bag!!! It works along the same principal as a teabag, you just have to leave it a bit longer. It takes a bit of faffing at first to get the strength right, but when you do, it's as good as cafetiere coffee, but without the mess!!! And, as if all this weren't splendiferous enough, it only costs £1.99 for 18 of the buggers (from Waitrose anyway, they might be even cheaper elsewhere!!)!!! It really is JUST brilliant, coffee, in a bag!!!!!

So I suggest any caffeine-heads out there give them a whirl!!! It has been pointed out to me that instant coffee is a suitable alternative to fresh, but this is, quite frankly, blasphemy, as we all know it isn't, and it smells of tuna!!! I refuse to drink it, so Lyon's Coffee Bags are the way forward, cos I can't be the only one!!!

In other news, to celebrate my last day on Friday, we are (at last) having Rod Hull Day again. It doesn't seem that long ago since the last RHD, but it's been 14 months!!! Scary! So we'll all be thinking pink on Friday, and eating pink to boot! I have ordered a cake from Costco with pink balloons on it, and the words 'Happy Rod Hull Day' on it. I'd love to see their faces when they pick that order up. Utter confusion I should think!! I tried to link back to the last RHD for anyone who missed it, but the link thing aint working, so if you care that much, have a look under August 2006, it was the 4th and is right at the bottom of the archive page.

So there!

I'm off now, to have some coffee, in a bag!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Well check out my bad self, I don't blog for a month and then when I do, I can't stop myself!!!

I just remembered that I had originally decided to get a dog and call him Butters, and I'm amazed I only just realised this!!! So I'm thinking Butters, is both cute, and cultured, it's a super name for a dog!

Yay the Butters!

Ooh and....

....can I just say, Hefty is getting an iPhone in November which is SPLENDIFEROUS!!!! It comes with a free PS3, which is NOT so splendiferous, but hey. I suppose if they can't sell them, they may as well give them away.

I'm looking forward to having my picture taken so that it looks like I'm trapped in his phone, that's my new fave Maclication I reckon!

Does the hand in this picture freak anyone else out? It's really odd somehow?!!! Shudder.

Slight return

At the risk of sounding like I've ripped off a Kirsty McColl song, there's a woman in my street who looks like Sylvia Plath. I think this is quite exciting, because I'm a big fan of SP, but I'm not sure I should tell her, as:

A) I don't know her that well, she's a neighbour at the far end of my L-shaped cul de sac.
B) She might not think that's a compliment, it's probably a bit like saying, 'You look like Kurt Cobain, before he shot himself."

Also, she's Australian, maybe she doesn't even know who Sylvia Plath is.

So it's been a while since I last blogged, my health has, as you might expect, gone to the dogs. This menopause thing is a right mare, and I'm up 4 to 6 times a night having hot flushes!! Thank the gods D-Day is finally nearly upon me - I 'retire' for want of a better phrase this Friday. About time!! This last 2 months has really dragged. I seriously need sleep too, but I now have an irrational fear of going through the REAL menopause, even though it might not be for 30 years!!! I'm sure I should be committed.

Am on to series 3 of Babylon 5, and it rules!! I still HATE Londo and wish I could be G'Kar's assistant, but I have to say I also really like Captain Sheridan. He's much better than Sinclair, I hope he stays!! We're progressing with BSG 3 too, though not as quickly as we would have liked. I'm pleased to report that the fat suit has come off Apollo, and he's now back to his original size and shape. I still think that it was the most pointless plot line EVER, as nobody else got fat, and it didn't seem to have any effect on anything?!!! But hey, he's back to how he was, hopefully he'll get in on some of the action from now on.

I have got a free National Geographic DVD with the paper this morning, it's about sharks. I'm liking this new free DVD and CD thing, it's got a lot better. And beats wall charts.

Puppy update: Still waiting for the birth of my impending new arrival, I can't wait!! My friend sent me a pic of hers and it's got me dead excited!

In other dog news, my sister's dog has done a spot of modelling, and is now on the packaging for a dog coat!! I have the artwork at work so will post it this week, it's cool! She got free coats for the dog that modelled and the other one. Maybe my dog could be a model. Then again, I don't go in for the whole dogs in clothes thing, so it wouldn't be much of a career option.

Has anyone seen that gorilla advert where he's drumming a long to a Phil Collins ad? Monkey folk creep me out but I rather like it. Have no idea what it's got to do with Dairy Milk though.

Right, gonna give this DVD a go I think, Hefty's still in the Dream Zone so it'll give me something to do.

Peace out people, keep on keepin on.