Saturday, June 14, 2008

Part 1 - Housey stuff

Well, it's been quite a couple of weeks, I don't know where to start. Hmm....

I think I'll start with the house. We now have blinds up everywhere and curtains ordered for the lounge. We have bookcases in the study, and the kitchen units are in. You may recall the kitchen units being in quite a while ago, we were just waiting for the worktops to be made and delivered yesterday? Yesterday came and went, so Hefty called up Customer Services who said it would actually be NEXT Friday when they were coming. WTF??!! Needless to say, 'off' was kicked, big style. We WERE told 13th of June when the guys came to measure up, but the worktop company tried to say we made a mistake. Luckily, the kitchen fitter was there when they said it and also had the 13th down. He was due to come on Monday to finish everything off, and now has to come next week, which is a pain for him as he's got other stuff to do!! Those punks. Yet another complaint for the list of 'Things that have gone awry with our new kitchen.' It's the fact that they told us that date, and never contacted us to say otherwise, we're not effing psychic!! Hefty took the day off work too, because they said they'd need his help carrying the tops up the stairs. So he's going to bill them for a day's pay as that's what he's lost for no reason. I'm just really pissed off cos I'm SICK of having to use the utility room. Carrying stuff up and downstairs is a real pain in the ass, not to mention the fact we've not had any proper food for two weeks. Hefty made an executive decision; we can't live on microwave pasta and beans anymore. We're going to go out for dinner every night instead. Sounds good, but it'll probably result in horrendous weight gain, for me anyway. V annoying people!!!!!

The garden landscaping commences on Tuesday, so we ordered a BBQ and a table, chairs and parasol from Habitat. Ooh, and some groovy sun loungers. We got 20% off too, always a Brucie Bonus! The BBQ is awesome, we used it the other night even though it was freezing. It's a beast of a machine, but worth every penny!! Behold:

I now have brown hair agin which is good news! I feel much better, it always makes me feel more confident, and I don't get heckled in the street or patronised by people in shops. Yay for brown hair!!!

We're getting SKY soon, which we were originally getting because Hefty was going to get broadband from them, but he's not anymore so I'm not sure why we're still getting it. Anyway, B&O are coming to install it so that it's done properly, and not by SKY who are notoriously bad at that kind of thing. But, our local B&O shop have closed down, so they had a 25% off sale, and Hefty bought lots of things with silly names. I wish they'd just call stuff by its name, cos I don't have a clue what they're on about. For example, we have a new pilot (remote control, don't know why I call it a pilot but I do), and it's just called a Beo5. Why?!!! I can't work it anyway, it's touch screen or something, but it looks silly so I just use the other one.

Over-complicated if you ask me, but what do I know. We're getting some speakers and stuff too, but no doubt they won't be called that.

I have to go and pick Hefty up from work, I shall have to continue this later. Oh the anticipation....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I just watched The Chumscrubber again, and Hefty brought an error to my attention. In an earlier blog, I said it was like a cross between American Pie and Donnie Darko. I ACTUALLY meant American Beauty!! Good god! Bit of a difference. Clearly I am a tard. A hot table-wiping tard (for the benefit of Tim)!!!


Monday, June 02, 2008

Separated at birth?

The Tunnel

I've realised why Ozzy gets so dirty when he goes outside, today I found....the tunnel! Yes, that's right, young Ozmond has been digging himself a tunnel into next door's garden. Now, here are some things you should know about Ozzy:

- He can open bolts, he got into my sister's rabbit's hutch twice, and she definitely locked the door.
- We have used his old pen to fence off the dining room as all the kitchen stuff is in there, but no matter how we arrange it, he always manages to find a way through.
- He can jump over baby gates.
- He's exceptionally good at digging, on any surface.
- He loves cats.

Bearing these things in mind, it should come as no surprise that not only does he dig his tunnel, when he's finished, he moves a spare plant pot over it. Genius! He does love the cats next door, but they taunt him through the fence, so he obviously felt the need to take action. But I had no idea he was so close to achieving his goal. I almost feel bad for blocking it off, part of me wants him to succeed, but I really can't let him get next door, because:

a) They don't have a gate so he might get onto the street, and then work his way towards the road.
b) The cats'll have 'im.

So I moved the hose pipe reel over it, as well as some other plant pots. We're having the garden landscaped in a couple of weeks and it'll be made dog-proof then. But, despite my raining on his parade somewhat, I feel the need to congratulate him on his achievement. Well done Ozzy!

I'm currently watching 'This is England,' but it's quite hard going. It was okay at first, but the racism is really hard to watch, so I've turned over a couple of times, unable to watch. There's a Goth in it though, and she's a pretty good Goth at that. Speaking of which, I'm getting my hair dyed back to brown on Saturday, and I can't wait! I know my parents will moan, and a couple of other people will express their disgust, but it's just hair for Pete's sake! And I'm much happier with dark hair, I hate being blonde, natural colour or not. So sod em all!

Ooh it's got horrible again. God really horrible.


Sunday, June 01, 2008


After feeding Ozzy, I let him stay outside for half an hour as usual, and look what happened!! Look at the state of him?!!!! What the hell was he doing?!! Mentalist.

Stuff and nonsense

I feel really sick today. Before now, I was laid flat out on the floor doing that 'Oh my god I'm going to die' thing. Now I am upright again, but still nauseous. Course, it's all in my head, so I don't know what I'm worrying about >:0(
With regards to the old doctor situation, last night, because Hefty's working these shifts at the mo and my nights are lonely (sob), I wrote a very long, very detailed letter of complaint. Edited highlights include paragraphs such as these:

"To be told that very real symptoms are all in your head is quite distressing, and yet again, I went away from the ENT department feeling angry and upset. I accept that maybe on paper they can't find anything, but is tact completely beyond these peoples' capabilities? If she'd said, 'I'm sorry, we've done all we can but can't find anything' I would have still been disappointed, but at least I wouldn't have felt like a liar. After four years of a debilitating illness that no-one can diagnose, to be told it's all in your head is just unacceptable. I don't need to be patronised or fobbed off, and frankly I don't appreciate it. There are so many posters up around hospitals saying that verbal abuse or bullying toward staff will not be tolerated, but it seems that Doctors can talk to people however they wish! "

"Not everybody expects to find a solution to their problems, but they do expect, and have a right, to be treated with dignity and respect. And perhaps a little understanding and sensitivity. I hope never to see these unpleasant and unprofessional people again, frankly, I'd rather continue to live with my illness, as my experience was both stressful and upsetting."

I can't imagine anyone will give a shit, but it makes me feel better, and I'll send it to as many people as I have to!

Young Ozzy has been a bit of a punk today. I had to reprimand him for jumping on the sofa (he's not allowed on the sofas) and chewing my Megatron. So now he's in a mood, and decided to hide in his tunnel, before skulking into his cat tent. He may be a fiend, but he's uber cute!

I watched Barbarella last night, always amusing, then Blade 2 was on Channel 4 so I watched that too. I want to watch The Chumscrubber again, so Hefty can see it, but I have to wait til he's not working nights, and I've no idea when that will be! I don't know if I mentioned it, but Hefty bought me the 'Murder, She Wrote' boxed set for Easter, of the first 5 series? Well, I've been watching it for the last few weeks and I'm now halfway through series 5. Which means I've watched a hell of a lot of JB Fletcher, though when I've finished, I'm pretty sure I'll start all over again! I need to finish watching Babylon 5 too though, and we've got Death Proof on the pile as well. So little time, so many DVDs!

When we were in the US, we went to see the Blue Man Group, who were spanktastic! I sort of knew who they were, but didn't really know what they did, so I went in to the show with an open mind. I wasn't disappointed! It's like a cross between music, art, comedy, it's all just completely random, but brilliant! Very clever, and entertaining, I can't wait to see them again. We bought their CD and DVD out there too, though the DVD is different to the show we saw. Here's a taster:

Blue Man Group

I hope the link works, I tried to post the video but I can't figure out how to do it. The instructions aren't very clear!

Well, got to feed Ozzle before he completely falls out with me.