Sunday, August 03, 2008


Okay, so I've been away again, and this is why:

- I now look after my niece every Tuesday, from 8am til 5.30pm - it's a LOOOOONG day!!

- I've had a couple of band rehearsals and really needed to learn some songs - this takes hours!

- I've been ill again, it sucks, but it happens.

- I randomly got asked by my friend to be a food critic for Food & Drink magazine, so I spent lots of time panicking, and then researching restaurants, before doing my first one, and then fretting in case what I'd written was rubbish. I'm doing restaurant number two on Thursday!

- I've been reading the Dexter books, AND watching series one of the programme.

- I've been trying to cook stuff, which, though it has worked out well so far, has proved time consuming, chopping is a laborious but necessary task.

And that's pretty much it, aside from the usual daily duties I perform, of cleaning, washing, looking after Ozzy etc. Ooh, I also went to the dentist, and am delighted to report that I'm still able to perform the old 'zero fillings' hand sign from the old Colgate adverts (circa 1980s).

So there you go.

And today, I went to see The Dark Knight. It was an utter farce to begin with. They dropped the film or something, so we had to wait an extra fifteen minutes for them to put it on, and then when they did, the first three minutes were without sound. Let me tell you, I have always been obsessed with Batman films/programmes (and Batman), I have loved them all (except Batman and Robin, I have standards), and certainly in the instance of Batman films, the beginning is VERY important to me. I NEED that build up, so to watch the bit where Batman is propelled through dark flames (it's at the very beginning, I'm not spoiling anything here) with no sound, meant I didn't get off to a good start, and I felt slightly cheated. I now have to see it again JUST for that bit, which probably makes me seem ridiculous. Anyway, I have been very excited about this film for a long time, because I loved Batman Begins.

You know what? I rather liked it, it was pretty good, there's no doubt that Heath Ledger was frikkin awesome, but I think I need to see it again, because I came away, still feeling slightly cheated. I'm not sure if it's the psychology behind missing the beginning that has done this to me, but I just don't feel right. I expected to come away with a feeling of 'Oh my god! That was wickedace, I must see it at least three more times!' And I can't stress enough, that I really DID like it, but I must have missed something because as I say, I just feel like it was lacking. My initial problems seem to be:

- I found the plot to be a bit predictable. I'm not going to give anything away, but the twists weren't twisty to me, and I had several eye rolling moments where I knew what was going to happen and wasn't surprised when it did.

- I feel like there wasn't enough fighting, I can only remember a couple of fight scenes, which to me, is not enough, but if there were more than that then I should spot them second time round.

- Harvey Dent annoyed me all the way through it.

- I'm not sure Batman was actually in it that much? Again, when I watch it second time round I shall pay attention to this, but I can't recall him putting in a lot of appearances.

- I'm looking forward to Bruce Wayne's mansion being rebuilt, because a Batman film without a Batcave, just isn't cricket for me. I've spent years trying to convince Hefty that we should build our own Batcave, and I don't want to see all my hard work undone just because some dude thinks the floor of an office building will suffice. Similarly, however corny, I expect to see bats at some point. Real flying bats. I don't know, it's a symbolic thing.

- The overall flow just didn't flow to me. I felt there were many unresolved things that just made it all a bit messy, and they weren't important enough to ever come up in any future films.

So again, I MUST STRESS!! I really did LIKE it, I did! I just need to see it again because I didn't love it, and I feel like I've missed something. Incidentally, I didn't think it was too long, I didn't even notice, so I'm not completely evil.

There you have it then. I have probably just opened myself up for being the most hated person in the world, but I needed to get this off my chest because it's really bothering me. I'm not going to apologise, it's not my fault! Maybe when I see it again I shall return and write a whole different post, but for now, it is what it is folks.

I'm off to watch Batman and Batman Begins now, I need to restore my faith in my favourite hero (after Hefty of course).

I can be found hiding in the co-ordinates of D2 on page 33 of the AA Road Atlas. Send your firing squads there, and I'll try to make it easy for them.

iP :0(