Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well now, where were we?

After the Vertigo Clinic debacle, I spent a lot of time sleeping, until the evening of the 21st of June, whereupon I, along with Hefty, attended a little soiree put on by Habitat. We went along, got goodie bags, free food and drink, AND 20% off, brilliant! So we ordered the final piece of furniture for our bedroom (a chest of drawers) and a couple of mirrors, and saved £160 or so! Our plan for an entirely Habitat furnished house is coming along nicely. Everywhere I look I see contemporary 70s chic. Or something. So yes, that was very good.

On Friday, I was off, and took my friend to hospital for some more cancer check uppy things. Good news for her, it's still only on her skin, so despite the shitty weather, we came out smiling. I had planned to go into the City that afternoon, and meet Hefty en route to purchasing some more black nail varnish (I've completely run out!), but cos it was pissing it down, I came home and fell asleep to The Mighty Boosh 1 DVD instead. That evening, we had a super-fly Chinese and watched Silence of the Lambs, followed by the end of Equilibrium (we'd seen the beginning at some point that week). Quality viewing, and foodage, a winning combination!

On Saturday, and Sunday, we did NOTHING! We just slept and chillaxed both days, which was bloody good fun and much-needed. We watched The Notorious Bettie Page on Saturday night, which was really good. I am now a BIG fan of the Page, she rules, and seems uber nice, not at all sleazy. Not that I'm opposed to a bit of sleaze obviously.

On Monday, it was mine and Hefty's 3rd Wedding Anniversary, yay!!! We had planned to go to Chester, but walking round Chester in the rain aint much fun (or anywhere really?) so we opted for the Trafford Centre. Never been there before, but we were v.impressed. Some nice places to eat (always important), some pretty good shops (Apple being one of them), and a generally nice atmosphere. We came away at about 8pm well-fed, with a handbag, purse, Nokia car charger, and Nintendogs. Apart from the charger, they were all mine muwhahahahaha!! But we'd had a really nice time, and would def go again, especially as next time we go back Hefty says I can have a Mulberry handbag! That's exciting news to anyone who doesn't know what the hell I'm on about.

So, on the Nintendogs front, I now have a pet Chihuaha called Howard. He looks slightly evil, though in a cute way, so it's all good. I've taught him to sit, lie down, and erm....that's it. Though when I call his name he comes running. He's cool, and it's a good substitute until I get a real dog.

And that's about it I think. I'm off all this week, but haven't done much. I did spend all of yesterday cleaning the house, which was satisfying, though I've still got some to do cos the house is too bloody big. Today, I shopped. ALL day. Not something I usually do, but it was worth it as I got a new hooded top (I aint no chav though, it's classy), some jeans, trainers, perfume, and some hair spray. I'm a bit worried actually, I feel like I'm turning into a proper girl, and I'm losing my gothy edge.

The sooner I get that black nail varnish the better I reckon........


P.S. Have got Apocalypto and Final Destination 3 to watch, bring it on!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mrs Weird Ear - A picture

This is a picture of a Pandah's ear. Thought it deserved an explanation. Especially as I meant to post it with my 'Mrs Weird Ear' text but forgot. Just putting it up here on it's own wasn't going to cut it.


Mrs Weird Ear

So, I'm still recovering from Friday's trip to the Vertigo Clinic. What a random event that was. I was sat on a couchy thing wearing a snorkelling mask (well, it looked like one) with cameras in it, whilst they blacked out my vision and flushed hot and cold water through my ears. Who discovered this technique (and how) I'll never know, but it would seem my right ear is faulty, and that's what makes me dizzy and have no ability to balance. Bizarre. So there we have it, I am, as Ming so kindly christened me, Mrs Weird Ear. I have had a headache since then, and feel like I haven't slept for a year, but I have started taking my medication again so hopefully I shall recover. My vision is still a bit off though, so I haven't blogged before now cos I keep going bog eyed. This will, therefore, be a short but sweet update of events. I should point out that I fainted shortly after the test, and was wheeled up to a ward to recover. JT sat in the chair next to my bed uttering the word "typical," over and over. I then sort of fainted in bed, so they hoisted up the end so my feet were in the air. The aim was for the blood to rush to my head, which it did, and that's why I've had a headache for 3 days. The door of this room was open though, so people kept walking past and looking at diagonal old me in disbelief. I couldn't remember my name or date of birth, got a bit confused and so just made up some shit. I think I made out I was about 32 with a March birthday. The nurse was more concerned that I'd wet myself though, and as it turned out, I hadn't, I just had the wet flannel the Vertigo Nurses had given me in my hand. It was truly surreal, and I'm not entirely sure it actually happened. But JT mentioned it this morning, so maybe it did?

And that's about as much as I can write with crossed eyes and a headache. Apologies. Will aim to write something a bit more interesting when I recover. Off to bed now.

Ta ra.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

From despair to where?

Well, after two weeks off the tablets in preparation for the Vertigo Clinic on Friday, I can safely say, tonight, is my lowest point. I have spent the last four hours tossing and turning, getting up to be sick, getting back in to bed because getting up to be sick makes me dizzy, and I've had two different types of ringing in my ear, at the same time! I am SOOOOOOO tired, I really just want to go to sleep, but it's now 2am, and it's not looking good. I didn't get off to a good start. Hefty started snoring almost immediately, and every time I nudged or shook him, it just got louder, so I ended up in the spare bedroom. But, because I couldn't get to sleep cos of all the chaos in my head, I ended up going back in to our room cos I figured If I get really ill, at least I can shout him or something. He'd stopped snoring at this point too which was a Brucey Bonus. But nothing helped my quest to get to sleep, and then my hayfever kicked in, so I've also been blowing my perpetually runny nose for the past hour. I tell you folks, it SUCKS royally. I'm not sure if I can get to sleep on the sofa, but the thought has crossed my mind. However, I'd have to go back upstairs to get some coverage and pillows, and by the time I've done that, I'll be all dizzy again and just want to get back in to bed. This is miserable :0(

Not a lot happened today either, just work, so it's not like I even have anything else to write on here, I can pretty much ONLY complain about how shit I feel.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gary, more Pirates, and old milk

Today was Tuesday. Not just as in the day of the week, but cos it was a very Tuesdayish kind of day. I don't know why particularly, but sometimes, some days, just seem so god damn typical. Sundays can be like that too. But, hey. Meh.

So, profound ramblings aside, there were a few things of note that occurred today.

Firstly, I have a new friend. He appears to live in my car, he's very small, I get the feeling his name is Gary, and he's a spider. I discovered him whilst waiting at the traffic lights en route to Hefty's office. I put down my sun visor and there he was, just sitting there, and almost saying "Er, awight," a la Michael Barrymore. I'm not sure how he got in (though it's not like I don't open the doors a lot), or how long he's been there, but he'd gone by the time we got home, and I felt slightly sad. Luckily, whilst at the lights, I took a picture, though it's fair to say, you can't make out a whole lot of arachnid in my amateur snap.

If he comes back, I'll be sure to let you know.

We also went to Costco tonight, and it was even MORE exciting than usual!! They have this huge Playmobile section, with giant figures and wickedace toys! Naturally, I took a pic of the Pirate, ARRRRRRR!!

I'd have ALL of the stuff they were flogging, but if I could get the big ones too, I think life would be that little bit better. We also looked at drills, cos Pa Pandah wants one for Father's Day. Well, he wants one, we have just decided that as it's FD, he can have one for that!! Don't mind spending a bit more money on my Pa, cos he's always really chuffed, as opposed to Ma Pandah, who never seems happy with anything. They had some really good ones in Costco, but they were 100 squids plus, and I'm not that flush at the moment :0( But, all was not lost, and we found a pretty cool one on Amazon for about £55.00 - not bad, especially as my sister is going halves with me.

A while ago, whilst at Ma & Pa Hefty's, I picked up a copy of the Radio Times which was printed in 1942 or something. Around that time anyway, but, what I love about ancient mags is the adverts. There were some brilliant ones, but my eyes were drawn to this fabulous one about milk (naturally).

If only it really did those things. Maybe it does if you're just drinking it, but if you work with it all day, you end up with the opposite. Tired, sore, red eyes, a firm yellowing snarl, and the feeling it's not luck, it's a nightmare you need to wake up from. And that's on the good days. Tsk. No really, my job aint that bad, really. Really?

Check me out anyway, with all the photos. I usually intend to put stuff on here, but never get round to it. I think all the new-fangled Mac-tastic goodness that came out yesterday has inspired me in to some kind of techno-frenzy. Or should that be tech-frenzy? I'm not much of a raver folks, I'd rather mosh any day.

So, that's my news for the day. I'm just watching How To Look Good Naked, as is my wont on a Tuesday, and Andrew Marr's History of Britain will be on afterwards, yay! Then it's bedlam for me, as I'm ready to drop.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Ooh arrrrrrr (as opposed to ARRRRRRR).

I should have blogged before now, but I didn't, so all I can do is apologise and move on.

So Bombon, the film about the dog was pretty good. it was in Argentinian, and quite poignant. Certainly on a par with the Weeping Camel story. I also watched The Prestige, which was AWESOME, and A History of Violence, which was okay, but a bit random. Not the most random of David Cronenberg films, but still quite odd in places. Wouldn't watch it again. Can't wait to see what arrives next!!! It's citin this online DVD malarkey!! Top of my list at the mo (you can rate the films you pick in order of how much you want them) are:

The Notorious Bettie Page
Lady Vengeance
Superman Returns (need to see that again really)

We might get some of the other stuff, but I'm hoping not, cos we've got Casino Royale on there (one of Hefty's), and I'd just really like to see the above stuff first!!!

Paul Merton in China is on again tonight, but it's the last in the series :0( Hope they put it out on DVD, I've enjoyed it, and you miss some bits with the constant interruption of pesky adverts.

We have a new ASDA advert out at the mo, with farmers on it (my farmers I hasten to add!) and Paul Whitehouse. Haven't seen it yet, no-one seems to know what time they're on (which I don't get, we made the bloody things!!!) but one of the regional managers says the farmers are really handsome. Not what I've heard but I'm mainly excited just cos they're MY farmers!! I look after them, do their calculations and stuff! Does that make me almost as famous as them? I just wish I could see the damn thing!! But it's probably on in the middle of The Bill or Coronation Street, and I don't watch that kind of stuff, so I've probably got no hope!!! Might look on YouTube, if those bastard awful Cravendale ones are on there, I suppose there's every chance the ASDA one is.

In other news, the WWDC is on at the mo!! We are anxiously checking MacRumours every 2 minutes or so for updates! So far they've talked about Leopard, new desktop, new menu bars and docks, a stacking dock type thing (brill), generally loads of good things for Microsoft to rip off and release in about 6 years under a stupid name like Vista.

So there we are. I'm off for some pasta and cheese. And more Mac shenannigans!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rhubarb and other tales

Last night, I watched How To Look Good Naked and Andrew Marr's History of Britain, and then went to bed. I was shattered, but don't remember what I was doing before I watched TV. Though I felt uber sick last night, so it may have just been one of my 'special moments'. I've had a few of those recently. The other day, I was waiting in the car for Hefty to come out (we were going to work), and they were on about 'bin shrinking' on the news, and how too many teenagers were doing it. How queer, thought I, what a dull way to entertain yourself. And what a waste of a good wheelie bin and box of matches!! I complained to Hefty about the ridiculousness of it all, and he looked at me blankly. "I think they were talking about 'binge drinking' actually," said he. Oh dear, thought I, and slowly reversed out of the drive in shame.

Today, I got into a conversation with my friend NJ about whether or not cows could bungee jump. If they did, would you put a rope around each leg, or just a sling type thing round its waist? Triguing aint it? I also told him that you can clean silver with rhubarb, but he didn't believe me, the swine.

There's nothing on tonight, so we're going to watch 'Bombon', which is a French film about a dog. Sounds random, but I'm assured it's really quite good.

I have signed up for online DVD rentals, and seem to be getting a good deal. It's with the dreaded Tesco (boo, hiss) but they had the best offer. As much as I hate them, I'm loathe to pay out loadsamoney just for some DVDs, especially if they're crap.

In other news, I have convinced my friend Jaff to have a HUGE pirate party for his birthday in December. It's his 40th (no way!! He only looks about 25!) and he wanted to do something different, but seems to have done most things. Anyway, I told him he should hire a boat, and have a huge pirate party, with pirate food (meat) and rum! Everyone has to wrap their presents in gold or silver wrapping paper, and put them in a huge treasure chest, and there can be a mahoossive cake that's a barrel of rum or something, or a big Jolly Roger flag, it'd be brilliant!! Luckily, he LOVES the idea, so it just might happen folks!! I'm thinking of as many cool ideas for it as poss, and can't wait!! As it's only 5 days after mine, I'm doubly excited! Not that it'll be a joint thing, I'm just really excited!!! Word!

Bad news this week, the Biz bit some kid at nursery. Little punk!! She's in trubs, but it's not like a lot of kids don't do that kind of thing, I have told my newly big-boobed sister to chillax. We're waiting to hear about her next lot of antics, whatever next? Must be the El Ginge in her, the swine!!!

Anyway, I have pirate stuff to do, ARRRRRRR!

Keep it real folks, keep it scurvilicious.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Two and Counting....

This is a tiding of joy!!!

My good friend the Count (pictured here with the cake I made him for his birthday, oh yes, I bake AND blog), is, along with his good lady wife-type, expecting a little Count or Countess. Hoorah say I! I cannot wait, for I will probably be allowed to bake another cake for the occasion!! And I have until December to think about it!!

Well done the Count, it's about time somebody had a Gothy baby. If he doesn't look like the baby from Addams Family Values, I'll be very surprised! Unless it's a girl. That wouldn't be so good, what with the moustache and all.

Splendid! :0)

Brief posting

This is a brief posting, cos I'm busy and dizzy, not a winning combination but hey.

Firstly, Zodiac was AWESOME! I didn't even notice how long it was, I was so enthralled by the whole thing. It made me want to read the book, but then I decided I could save my pennies and just read Wikipedia. So i did.

Secondly. CSI:NY was WELL gruesome on Saturday night. I woman was actually sawn in half, with a proper saw, manual, not electric or anything. Eugh!!! V.macabre.

Thirdly, the new Die Hard looks ooberstankingly fabulous!! Looking forward to that! Yippee Kai Yay Munnyfunsters!!!!

Fourthly, today was the first day I was sick again, and felt faint AND nauseus. Not good, I've only been off the tablets three days!!! It'd better be good at this vertigo clinic. And worth it!! I'm imagining a Krypton Factor style obstacle course, with swings, roundabouts, tightropes and see saws. It could happen.

Fifthly, Paul Merton in China, on again tonight, miss it, miss out!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Insane in the membrane

On Thursday, I fainted. Marvellous. There was no-one in work anyway apart from me and JT, cos everyone has been struck down by some sickness thing, or they're on holiday. So really, I probably only fainted as a form of entertainment. I was alright, just had a bit of a sit down then got back up and started working again.

Yesterday, I stopped taking my tablets, as per instructions from the Vertigo Clinic. Today, I feel a bit groggy, but we went to a garden centre and looked at some new house details. Now, I'm ready to sleep, but have to stay awake for Doctor Who and CSI:NY. I watched DW last week cos Hefty promised me it would be good. It was okay, but it was a flippin 2 parter, so now I have to watch the conclusion, and Hefty has changed his tune this week, stating that "It might be a bit gay, it usually is." We shall see I guess. Have missed CSI:NY for the past 2 weeks, which is terrible, as it's one of my favourite programmes! There appears to be naff all on in general so I guess these are my only options. Though it's not like we don't have a million DVDs to choose from.

Not much news really, v.boring. Am going to see Zodiac tomorrow though, which I am looking forward to a lot.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a compulsion to draw a funny lookin' rabbit that appeared to me in a dream. When thinking upon Zodiac, and who's in it, I'm now convinced I'm having a Donnie Darko experience, and sooner or later, half a plane is gonna hit me in the face when I'm in my hall. So I've decided to stay out of the hall. Marginally tricky, that's where the door is. Not the 'cellar door' though. God, you could drive yourself maaaad thinking about all this stuff. I might just eat some crisps instead, and forget about it all.

I'm so weird. My bunny was cute though, not scary in any way, shape or form. But I'm still weird.