Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scotch Egg Day - 1st November

I have decided to start a new 'day'. Along with my previous invention of Original Rod Hull Day - 3rd August, I am now proposing that the 1st of November be Scotch Egg Day. I tried my first one on Friday at our Halloween Party, and couldn't believe it! It was pretty good, so tomorrow we're all eating them at lunch time. Hefty is joining in at his office, but he's not convinced it will be as much fun. They don't have an instigator of all things random and unlikely there, I'm truly one of a kind it would seem. So, if anyone wants to join in, please do so!

On another note, I have now created Tony Hart Day, which will take place in December some time (haven't decided when yet), and will involve everyone in the office making a masterpiece for the 'Gallery' next to my desk. The winner will receive a grand prize. I intend to sculpt Morph and Chas characters out of plasticine, and do some other cool stuff that I also haven't yet thought of. I can't wait!!

iP - looking forward to tomorrow when my breath is going to smell of gas!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have decided to call my new car Flexo. It suits him, and you can't beat having a Futurama reference in a situation like this. Well I currently feel like shit. Our neighbours came round last night and I haven't stopped sneezing since!! They have cats you see, and I'm highly allergic, but it aint wearing off! So I have an uber sore nose and just want to go to bed. Then we decided to brave IKEA today, just in case they had anything we wanted. Surprisingly, they did, but then we were all evacuated!!! WTF? No idea why, but it meant we couldn't buy anything. Never mind, we bought plenty from Habitat yesterday, that'll put us on for a week. Hey, West Ham are one up against Blackburn at the mo. We SO need a win, but I'm not holding my breath. Oh I need to go to bed, I really do feel dreadful. I love cats, but damn them!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Tis a great shame, but the skeleton gloves were far too small for my man hands. I suppose they are meant for kids, but I thought they'd have a bit of give. Surely some kids have man hands too? So in the end I bought some fangs for 49p. They'll do. Along with some Haribo halloween mix things, chocolate pumpkin lollipops, and Doritos for a nice savoury change. I posted my letter which cost 8.95!!! I don't have a pound sign on my Mac cos I got it from America but I mean 8 POUNDS 95 PENCE!!!! It's for that delivery before 9am thing though, so I guess it's worth it if I can pick up my car tomorrow. My Mum phoned me to say that I should pick it up next Wednesday (1st November) because otherwise they'll back-date the tax to the end of September, so next year I'll essentially lose a month's tax. And, when I have to get an MOT in 3 years I'll have to have it done a month early so I can get my new tax disc. It's all kind of annoying, but I reckon he's taxed it by now so I'm not sure what to do. I'm not THAT bothered, prolly cos this is the first time she's mentioned it so I've clearly lost out on all my other cars, but she only found out because someone told her when she bought her Mini, so now she knows ALL about it. I might ring em, but I've worked so hard to get it done for Friday that I can't be arsed. I'm insured now, I'd have to ring my insurance company again and sort that out, what a faff. My insurance isn't due to till March anyway so it's going to be faffy for me whatever I do so I might just leave it. Might ask him about it tomorrow though, see what he says.
I'm hungry, some food and a cup of tea might be in order. Though I was going to do some house work cos our new table and chairs are coming next Friday. Very exciting! Got 20% off with a voucher in some random magazine I got free through the door. And, because we saved over 200 squids, we can then go and stock up on other Habitat goodies with the cash we've saved!! Yay! How I love Habitat, and filling my house with it :0) So that's all good. Not much on this weekend thankfully, we can do as little as poss, bliss. Ooh eck, my stomach is rumbling to kingdom come, I'd best get some fodder. Ciao for now peeps, keep on keepin on. And all that.

The genius of Ford

Well, Ford has surpassed himself, and totally made up for becoming a maths teacher (no offence dude, but it's not a position stacked with credibility). He has constructed a Star Wars Lego Chess Set!!! It's totally awesome and I now want one! Alas, the pics he sent me are huge and kind of blurry, so I need a better one to put on here, which I shall chase him for. But it's worth waiting for. I took today off to look after my friend but she's still in hospital cos her blood pressure dropped beyond the realms of belief. I feel sick as a dog myself, so we're not doing too well really. I'm going to go out in a minute though to post off my car gubbins, and buy some Halloween stuff for the party we're having at work tomorrow. Bit more conventional than Rod Hull Day or Rainbow Day, but it had to be done. I'm going to get some skeleton gloves that I saw in the co-op for 2 English punds. And some other gubbins, maybe fangs, but I don't want to over-do it. Usually I ALWAYS over-do it, but on this occasion, I think less is more, at a time of year when everyone else is going to over-do it. When I return I shall inform you of my wares.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blue leg

My friend had her op today, it seems to have gone well, she was emailing me 20 minutes after she'd woken up! What a techno fiend!!! She might have a blue leg for a while because of the dye, which is rather exciting. She could be in an Intel advert if she wanted to! Anyways, seeing her tomorrow all day so hopefully all will be well. Not sure if I'm going to get this car on Friday though, the loan company are being random. It's all rather annoying!!! But hey, it's not the end of the world if I get it on Monday. Especially not if the weather continues like this, it's horrendous!!!! Absolutely miserable and depressing. And cold. I might go to bed. And eat Chinese. Mmmmmmmm....

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Throw life at it

I am returned. Shameful I know, but my absence was necessary, if not intentional. First off, it's been a tricky couple of weeks cos my best friend was diagnosed with skin cancer. Consequently, I have been spending my evenings trying to make her feel better and ease her worries - not that easy!! But we're making progress and are all feeling very positive. She's having an operation on Wednesday to remove as much of the dreaded lurgey as possible, and, all being well, it might be the only op she needs providing it hasn't spread too far. Then, I was referred to a specialist because I might have an exciting ailment called endometriosis, which could make me infertile!! And let's not even get on to the subject of West Ham and their apalling series of losses recently. Pards reckons we're playing well so it's encouraging. Hmm, not that encouraging Alan, this is how we ended up getting relegated a couple of years ago......
Anyhoo, in light of all this tragedy (my niece was also hospitalized but is thankfully okay now), Hefty and I have decided to buy a new car. He wants a Lexus, I'm too scared to drive one in case I prang it or worse! So I've made the executive decision to let him get an IS200 when he's learned to drive, and in the meantime, I'm going to get me a sporty Suzuki Swift. I'm loving Suzuki as (so far, touch wood) their customer service is second to none!!! And I like the Swift, cos it's pretty cool and has won loads of awards. Plus it's got loads of cool stuff in it. 6 CD player thingy, keyless driving/door opening, air con, alloys, seats that go up and down as well as backwards and forwards, and the best boot in the world! Seriously, it's big as it is, then you can move the seats back and sort of fold them over each other to make this HUGE chasm of a boot that you could fit a lot of stuff in! Can't think of a big thing that I'm likely to put in there at the mo, but I will do! It'll be good for when we go to Costco at least, cos we always come back with shit-loads of stuff from there. I'm waiting to hear from the loan company and if they do a Del Monte, I'm going ahead!! Thinking of getting it in Galactic Grey, cos it's a trick colour, and has the obvious Battlestar association. This has made me wonder what to call the new addition to the family Pandah. Aollo is my fave character from BSG, but I have already named SuperSaz's car Captain Apollo, because it's a Polo. See what I did there? And Starbuck is out cos people will think it's coffee-related rather than sci-fi. Adama just sounds wrong, and as good as Boomer could be, she WAS a Cylon, albeit a good one. So I was thinking Bender, as it's sort of the same colour, but I'm not sure. I'm sure something will come to me, hopefully along with a loan approval.
Tomorrow I'm going to a Christening. I will know about 5 people out of the 40 going, and that includes the parents and baby. But it's cool, Hefty and I can raid the buffet table, which is sure to be a good one. Oooh, did anyone watch Man to Man with Dean Learner? Inspired, finally something decent to watch on a Friday night. Apart from QI which is also spanky fab. So that's been my life for the past couple of weeks. Nothing too exciting to report (sorry Pawpads), but sometimes that's just the way of things. I'll try and regulate me blogs from now on, but I'm still trying to help my friend, and as she lives opposite me, there'll be looking after to do.

Be seeing you.


Sunday, October 15, 2006


I know, I haven't blogged for aaages. I'm sorry, I'm a bad Pandah :0( It's just been very busy, hectic etc. so I simply haven't had time. I apologise. I'm not going to blog now either, not in a lengthy way cos I want to go to bed, so I'm sorry AGAIN. But I will, at some point, I promise.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Today is so random, it may as well be a Terry Gilliam film. I was sat in bed drinking fresh coffee and reading papers until 12pm. During the course of this session I learned about Deb balls, twins, women who eat every meal of the day in a restaurant, Chanel Sublimage cream and an Australian woman called Lorelei who likes to wear table cloths. Now, I am sat in our beloved Mac Suite wearing a Superman cape, because it's a tad chilly and I'm too lazy to go all the way up to floor three for a top. It was the only thing I could find in here to wear. It was given to me by a lovely Danish lady at work called Lotte, who got loads of free Superman goodies and knew how much I liked him. She didn't want them so I ended up with stationery, a mug, some coasters and this cape. Tremendous. Sadly she left the company some months ago because they decided that someone else could do her job as well as their own instead. We haven't heard about any of the products she used to market since so clearly that was a stroke of genius. On Thursday we got a schedule emailed to us telling us when all the new Cravendale adverts were going to be on. There's two different ones apparently. Great. As if I give a shit. Everyday I resist the urge to email the Cravendale brand team to ask them if they don't think it's a little freaky that cows want their own milk back because they want to drink it themselves. I wouldn't want to drink my own milk. Plus those 'strawberry' cow adverts they put on were akin to some kind of messed up Evil Dead/Omen type film. No, they don't look like strawberries they look like they've escaped a Hammer Horror-esque slaughterhouse where they revelled in rolling about in the blood of their brethren. And don't get me started on the Anchor adverts. What a waste getting Stephen Fry and Tony Robinson to lend their voices to a couple of cartoon bovines so innovatively called 'Cow' and 'Moo.' These people get paid to roll out this crap. Still, I guess they top that highly irritating Frosties advert by miles. Or the Sheila's Wheels one. Or that GHASTLY Picture Loans one where the man so casually checks with his wife that it is in fact 25 grand that they want to borrow. I know I often decide I need a loan and then think, how much did I want again? Before discussing football with a total stranger. But then, the people at Picture are "so easy to talk to."
On Wednesday, we went to see Clerks II, which was a triumph. I knew it was going to be good before we even went in, when the guy who tore off our tickets said "Screen 8 for Clarks Eleven." Bless him and his lack of knowledge about Kevin Smith. Mind you, noone at work had heard of it either, bunch of un-cultured swines. It's people like that who are responsible for programmes like 'Robin Hood' being made. Thank god for the impending return of Futurama. My sanity is in need of saving. By a robot and a pizza delivery boy. Told you. Random.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Well finally I have managed to get back on here! This is starting to annoy me!! Have been trying to blog since last Friday but no, Blogger decided otherwise. I'm still convinced it's a Mac attack >:0( What pissed me off more though was one of my 'friends' saying, "You can get Windows stuff for Macs now you know, Office, IE and all that, maybe that will help." Er no!!! If I wanted Windows I wouldn't have a Mac, it's crap!! It's not even the PC I object to, as Linux is a triumph on one, it's Windows. I'm just ranting now, I'm not going to have a PC/Mac debate with myself, it's hard enough trying to avoid them with other people. Especially the ones who continue to send 'WMV' files with a "Watch this it's hilarious!" comment in the subject box. Anyway, I digress, basically I can't get on to it from work either, where unfortunately, Windows is everywhere. So that doesn't really prove my Mac attack point. Oh god. Confusion abound, this is all too random. I'm off whilst I'm still sane. Hopefully I can get on again soon when I have something to say that makes sense. As if that'll happen.