Sunday, January 20, 2008

Munch and Puffs

I discovered an exciting new cereal in Waitrose called Gorilla Munch, and not only does it taste like Corn Pops (remember those?), it's actually good for YOU and the environment. Oh, and the packaging is hilarious, behold:

What's also exciting, is that you can get Pandah Puffs! Though, UNfortunately, they aint at Waitrose :0(

The search continues....

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Yesterday, Ozzy was particularly hyper, and though I was trying to rest because I have somehow hurt my right shoulder (and the pain leaked into my neck and between my shoulders), I was having to pull him away from plants, coal, carpet etc. every 20 seconds, so I decided to brave the elements and walk him. Now, I normally take him round the village, but this time, I decided to drive to the local stately home and its grounds, as it's a good long walk, guaranteed to tire out the biggest of hounds!

So we got there, and it was raining, but it didn't faze me, or Ozzy, so we set off. It was all grand, until we got to the top of the hill we'd scaled, where the house is. I wanted to give him a good run, so I took him on to the grass, which was all fine, until I stumbled upon a boggy bit and slipped royally. I landed with a HUGE thud, right on my arse and skidded on said body part for about 2 metres. I was absolutely filthy, as you can imagine. But also, I'd put my arm down to break my fall (my left, as I'm left-handed), and felt the biggest judder run through my shoulder when I did. I had to sit there, in the mud, for about 5 minutes, as I thought I'd really hurt myself. However, sitting in cold, wet mud, isn't much fun anyway, but when it's soaked through to your pants, you have to think about getting up really. So I did, and realised it was okay, so we headed back to the car. Needless to say, by the time we got there, we were both caked in mud, and I had to sit on a puppy pad to protect my car seat!

I got in, and had to remove my trousers in the hall, and run upstairs to bath Ozzy. He was really dirty, and I tried to take a picture, but it hasn't really captured just how filthy he was. Anyway, I bathed him, then had a shower myself, and spent the rest of the afternoon asleep, because I was shattered, and in pain.

Well, I have woken up today, and OMG I am in PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!!! Now, I have 2 f*cked shoulders, my WHOLE neck hurts, and I feel sick! From the pain! I can barely move my left side, it's awful. I'm taking some Nurofen, but I think I'm going to have to go to the doctors to check I haven't done something more serious.

Ooh it's all one big adventure at the moment! By the way, I had flipped that picture of Ozzy, but for some reason, it'll only come up like that, so you might have to bend your neck to look at it (something I can't do!).

I've got to go to the hairdressers shortly, not my favourite place, well, I say that, I like the place, and the girl who does it, I just find sitting down for a couple of hours whilst someone fiddles with my hair, kind of boring. Luckily, I'm taking my DS with me, which should stave off the boredom. I'm just not looking forward to it cos I'm in pain! Oh well.

Anyway, have to go wake Hefty up so I can get ready (he'll need to dogsit).

Ciao for now.


Thursday, January 17, 2008


I can't sleep. It was my Grandpa's funeral today, and I feel strange. It's been an odd week all round, bit of a blur, and I'm not sure I've really taken it all in. There were two services, one for his wife and her family, and one for us. They refused to go to the burial because they don't believe in it and don't think he should be buried next to my Grandma, so we sat through this weird service thing first. The priest wasn't great, he stuttered a lot, kept fluffing his lines, it was an all-round mess of a service. I know this is going to sound really stupid, but Catholic funerals are so depressing. I've known other funerals where it's really been a celebration of the person's life, and it's been comforting. This one just seemed cold and sad, and the organ music was a bit over-done. I don't know, I prolly shouldn't be slagging it off, but it didn't help at all. Afterwards, we went to the graveyard for the burial, and that seemed a bit better somehow. It was slinging it down which sucked, but it was a bit more moving and personal. I don't know, I just feel strange. I don't think it's sunk in yet. This evening I was in the kitchen putting glasses away, and I realised that my Grandpa had bought them for us, and I started looking round and saw other things he'd got us, and I got quite upset. I sat on the kitchen floor and sobbed. Ozzy came and laid on my knee, licking my hand, bless him. Dogs really do pick up on things, it's amazing.

Young Ozzy had a better day than us, as he went to Ming's house! He was there for nearly six hours I think, and when we went to pick him up, he was casually strewn over Ming's sofa like he owned the place! He came away with a new toy too, a rattley ball, which he loves! So at least one of us had fun today. I owe Ming BIG TIME for this, he worked from home so he could do it, so I'm buying in the Angus Burgers for life!! Thanks Ming!!! :0)

We've nearly sorted out our new kitchen too, just have to go in and sign and then we're on our way. It's called Kelmscott Modern Oak, and it's from MFI. I tried to get a picture off the website but it wouldn't work. It's lovely though, and I can't wait, as then we'll have space for all our appliances, and get to buy new ones! I can finally get my KitchenAid Mixer to match my blender, and we're having a built in coffee machine, which will rule!

So that's my news so far. The Jonotron is coming to chillax at Pandah Palace tomorrow. Looking forward to that, though I don't know when he's going back to Oz, it might be the last time we do it for a while. We're going to watch DVDs, and eat Cheestrings and Frubes like we did when we were kids. Brilliant.

I just read 'Vortigern's Machine and The Great Sage of Wisdom'. It was alright. Good pics. Need to read my Love and Rockets books but haven't had time. Also need to watch Peep Show! So much to do.

If I could only get to sleep I might be able to get up tomorrow and do some of these things. I still feel odd though. So I'll keep watching 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.'


Monday, January 07, 2008

Sad news

My grandpa died last night. Unfortunately, it's turned nasty. My mum found out second-hand from my auntie, who his wife had called along with everyone else except our family. None of us have been told directly, and when my mum called to speak to her, she wasn't allowed, and was spoken to like dirt. Her family told them they would sort everything out and my folks should just enjoy the rest of their holiday.

What's wrong with the world? I can't believe she wouldn't ring my mum. Or us. I wasn't involved in any of the mess yesterday, I could have been told. It's disgusting, and then for them to speak to my mum like that, it's horrendous. It makes me very angry, but it's so upsetting more than anything else. All because he wants to be buried, and buried with his first wife at that.

The only comfort I have is that when we left him yesterday, he was sleeping, and peaceful. We'd been there near the end at least.

I guess now the real fun begins.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


My god. We're only 6 days in to 2008 and it's a shitter. where do I start? I think, bullet points would be an idea, as there's too much to rant about:

Ozzy has a displaced hip, and has to stay in his pet carrier for TWO WEEKS!! For a hyperactive puppy (and his owner), that's an effing long time. He will also have to have regular check ups and x-rays until he's fully grown, to make sure it doesn't affect the way his leg grows. Otherwise, he might end up deformed.

SuperSaz is out of hospital and staying with us, but no better. Hospital were useless. They told her one thing she had wrong with her but said it wasn't that and she'd need a CT scan. Then they said, oh actually it IS that, forget the CT scan. She's got to see how she is for a week and if no better go back. GREAT! Not at all a waste of everyone's effing time! She could have been cured by now if they'd made some kind of frakking effort! So I'm taking her to the docs tomorrow to try and sort it out.

My grandpa is very ill with terminal cancer, and though at home on a hospital bed, is apparently on his way out. It's horrible, but what's making it worse is that my step-grandma has made all these lies up about him and the situation, so that we're not really sure how he is. And, he's always said he wants to be buried with my grandma (she died nearly 30 years ago), and she's saying he's changed his mind, which he hasn't, and she had a HUGE argument with my sister and slagged her and my mum off! I just sort of stood there, it was awful. Basically, she doesn't believe in burial, but says if he wants to be buried, it should be on his own somewhere, cos she's looked after him for 20 years. But as she wants to be cremated I don't see the point even if she got her own way! But it isn't about her, it's what he wants, which she seems to be forgetting. Neither me or my sister think that shouting about it all when he's in the next room is good for his health though. But the nurses who came, went and discussed it all with him, and it's now written in his notes, so she can't keep spouting this rubbish. As we left, she had another shouting session and we left (me still keeping quiet), with my sister slamming the door. Then, we had to go back to my sister's and try and get hold of the folks to warn them about it all. Eventually my sister spoke to my Mum, who was uber angry, and will be ringing my step-grandma to put her straight, but it's all a bit crap, and going round there now is going to be very awkward. As if it isn't all depressing enough without her causing loads of trouble. And it turns out, she rung my auntie, who rung my sister, and was telling a completely different story and lying again saying my sister had just laid into her for no reason! Aaaagh!!!!

Also, I have a stinking cold, Hefty does, SuperSaz does, my sister does, and so does her husband!!! I feel HORRID! And am not sure how much more I can take!

So, that's why I've had enough! I'm tired, ill, pissed off, stressed, and waiting for the next thing to go wrong.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year?

Well, I had hoped to get a post in before the new year, but things haven't really gone according to plan. Where do I start?!

Ozzy has kept us busy, he's a hyperactive little fella and hard work, but thoroughly adorable. He's quite naughty, but it adds to the charm!

Christmas has gone too quickly as per usual. I had a nice birthday, though as it was the day after we got Ozzy, I was shattered, after a pretty sleepless night. I don't remember a great deal about it, I mean it was nearly a month ago now, but it was alright.
Hefty had a nice birthday too, I bought him the complete Sopranos boxed set and a wickedace Rocky dressing gown, which is essentially a dressing gown version of the silk ringside gown Rocky wears.

His folks came up too which was cool, it's always nice to see them. Then Christmas came and went! I got some cool stuff though:

Peep Show DVD boxed set
Special Edition Black Hawk Down (3 discs!)
Open All Hours Series 3 (I've only one more to get now!)
Two Love and Rockets Books: Maggie the Mechanic and Heartbreak Soup
A big Remy from Ratatouille toy
A cartridge with about 20 Nintendo DS games on it
Loads of Soap & Glory stuff
A Mr T mug
A breakfast set
Humble Pie - Gordon Ramsay's autobiography
A Mutts Gone Mad calendar
Cesar's Way - A book by the Dog Whisperer from Sky
Toys You Pestered Your Parents For book
Dark Chocolate Liqueur Chocolates (good old Step-Grandma, managed to buy a product with the two things I'm most allergic to in it)
Milky Bar Buttons
Thornton's White Chocolate Snowman

I'm sure there was other stuff, but I can't look because of the reason New Year was a bit of a washout. To begin with, SuperSaz was taken into hospital on Saturday with suspected Appendicitis, they've dawdled to say the least, and she's STILL in, not knowing what's wrong with her, when she can come out, or what they're doing for her. If it had been life-threatening she'd have probably died by now. Punks. She's still in pain but they can't do all the tests they need to do at once cos there's no-one to do them, so they're doing one every two days at the moment!!! It's well shit. So last night, we spent the evening in hospital with her, as she's on a ward on her own! There's no-one else at all! Just five empty beds! Not the best way to spend New Years Eve. I hate it anyway, as does she, but we were supposed to be spending it together at our house with a Chinese and a film. We left her at about half 10, cos my sister was dog-sitting Ozzy, as he doesn't like being on his own. I'm trying to get him used to it gradually, but leaving him for three hours wasn't an option, so we've been leaving him with her and her lot (Sophie, Sugar and Henry). Well, Ozzy's hyper anyway, and because there's only three weeks between him and Henry, they play like maniacs, and as we were leaving hospital, she rang to say they'd had to take him to the emergency vets cos he'd had an accident. He's pulled a ligament in his back leg, and can't walk at all. I have to keep him confined to his bed for the next two or three days cos he needs complete rest, which means I have to sit with him constantly otherwise he fidgets and starts yelping! We've got pain killers for him but he's really subdued. It's awful. I've had no sleep, I was up all night panicking about him, so am plying myself with coffee to stave off the tiredness and pounding headache. I told SuperSaz to stay with us when she comes out cos she lives on her own, and I want to look after her, so Hefty is getting the spare bedroom ready. But it feels like we're running a hospital! My sister's really upset cos she feels like it's her fault, but he's so hyper it could have happened anywhere, at any time. He's so full of it I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. It's typical it happened on New Years Eve though, the tablets cost £2.00 and the call-out charge was £85.00!! With VAT it's come out at one hundred squids!!!

So, not the best Christmas OR New Year really! Poor Ozmond, and SuperSaz!

I always hated January anyway, roll on February!

Hope everyone else had a better time, though it can't have been hard!

iP :0(