Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A nutshell

Here's some news, in a nutshell.

- I AM allergic to my new vegan friendly natural face products. *SIGH

- I bought an awesomeasaurus 80s CD for £5.00.

- I Introduced Ozzy to a tiny ginger kitten. Ozzy LOVED it, the kitten HATED him and growled. This upset Ozzy who then sat whimpering and looking miserable.

- Gremlins is on telly, it hasn't been for a while so this IS news.

- Someone has FINALLY put Lindsay Lohan in prison.

- The weather in Honolulu is currently 30°C.

- I think the new Flake advert is so un-Flakey that it doesn't work properly.

- My allergies are SO bad that not only am I ill all day with them, they keep me up all night too.

- I am going to an 80s fancy dress party in a couple of weeks and am so stuck for ideas that I've decided I might go as that Flashdance woman even though I've never seen Flashdance.

- My shopping is coming at 11am tomorrow and will be delivered by Richard in the Lemon van.

So, there we have it. What a wonderful world.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday night's alright

I am currently watching 'Star Trek' on Anytime waiting for Hefty to come home with a Japanese take-away. He popped home briefly to see me, then had to pop out as he'd arranged an evening out with some of his chums. He very kindly offered to bring me some goodies back from the restaurant where they're meeting, so I am eagerly awaiting Vegan Teriyaki and Tofu Steak. Never had the Tofu Steak before, but he recommends it as a starter. The Teriyaki is awesome though, so I'm most grateful for this happening.

He also brought home a beach ball which he got free with a drink at work. I am very pleased with this beach ball, as I played with it for about ten minutes before realising that I'd played with it for about ten minutes. When I blew it up, Ozzy barked. When I started chucking it about, he ran away. I shouldn't be surprised by this, as every night when we've gone to bed, he suddenly notices the lampshade on the ceiling, and spends five minutes looking up, circling it, and growl-barking at it. I mean, it's been there for two years, we don't move it, but it just goes to show that a dog's memory is limited. We have the mini one in the bedroom, and the huge one downstairs, but he never notices the huge one. My brother has also frequently been mesmerised by our lampshades though, so I'm putting it down to some kind of weird hypnotic thing that only affects those of limited memory capacity. I feel obliged to put a picture up of the shade now, as I fear I've built it up too much and am portraying something incredible (it's nice, but it's not incredible, it's just...Habitatty).

So, the gist of it is, I'm on my own again, and have managed to spout a load of nonsense about a beach ball and a lampshade. I could also tell you that I inadvertantly got chocolate oat milk in my eye, and that I spent half an hour trying to book a holiday on the Virgin website using three different browsers. They all failed, so I'm mighty pissed off, cos I've now had to order a brochure just to find out what's available. But, I did discover from reading my copy of 'Rock & Roam' (that's the Virgin Frequent Flyers Club magazine, it's a wonder I manage to be a FF when their shonky website doesn't even work) that there's a pretty cool new ride in Las Vegas (one of my intended destinations during the holiday I tried to book) called 'SkyJump.' It's basically a controlled freefall, so I'd get to do a sort of sky dive, which I've always wanted to do, but never done because my friend's brother did one and his parachute didn't open :0( (sad, and a really good reason not to do one). It would seem Vegas are trying to open more rides there, to diversify from the whole casino thing. I'm pleased about this, as I said I'd go to Vegas because Hefty really wants to go, but I'm not overly enthusiastic about it. I know loads of people who've been and said there really is loads to do other than casinos (I literally have NO interest in casinos, so much so, every time I've written that, I've put casions), but I've yet to be convinced. I know there's a Blue Man Group there though, and as we always go to see the one in Florida, I'm betting that's a good show.

I can tell you that the SkyJump ride is the only ride I'd consider. If you look at the other 'Thrills' on the site, you'll see how bat-shit scary they are! OMG Scary! I'm scared of heights, I can't go on high rides, but I did abseil once and liked it. This is why I think I'll be okay on SkyJump, but somehow, being in a vehicle and falling from a great height is a lot scarier than just me falling....that really doesn't make a lot of sense does it? Oh well, it's the truth!

Okay, I'm sleepy now, and there's no sign of my Vegan Teriyaki. I think more oat milk is in order, even if it ends up in my eye.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oh dear

So I thought I'd sorted out the whole 'school friends being weird and not being real friends' thing in my head. Now, I think some OTHER friends have something against me. What is it that I'm doing that is offending so many people? I try to be a good person, I try to communicate with people, try to meet up, remember birthdays etc. I try to listen, help, I'm a sympathetic, caring person, where am I going wrong? I really don't get it, but I feel that Twitter and Facebook don't help, as I'm not entirely sure if I'm just being paranoid or not. This latest development is very odd though, and came about after I looked around my Twitter account to see if it was working properly. Normally, I would just ask, but in this instance, I can literally think of NOTHING that I might have done, so I'm going to put it down to paranoia for the time being. It's not unlike me to over-analyse things so I shall stay calm and see what happens.

Am still perplexed though, as things are starting to add up in my head, whilst not really adding up at all.


Good Things

Well, today I managed to buy three pairs of shorts and some cropped trousers. Result! Also got some more leggings, though there was a distinct lack of decent tops anywhere. Was also hoping for a new cardigan, but couldn't find what I was after. Think I'll be okay waiting on the cardigan front though, as there'll be more around Autumn (which starts at the end of July in the shops for some reason). I HATE clothes shopping, so aside from the whole trying on thing (the part I REALLY hate), it wasn't too traumatic. Quick and painless! Also stumbled upon a new skincare range, which is all natural and free from animal ingredients and such. I've tried to buy this type of product before, and really struggled. Because my skin is SO sensitive, dry and allergy prone, it doesn't matter how natural something is, I seem to have a reaction. Have always bought online before though, this range was in Boots! It's called 'Good Things' and I have to say, it's all fruity smelling and lovely. Going to try it out shortly! It's aimed at young skin, teens and 20+, but the lady who made it all (Alice Hart-Davis - I'm trying to find out if she's anything to do with the LEGEND that is Adam Hart-Davis) says you can use it if you're older. I'm only 30, so I'm thinking I'm skimming the edge of my 20s, and as I get IDd a lot, I must look quite young. I wouldn't say I have old skin anyway, as I've never been one for tanning particularly (not deliberate tanning anyway), and I don't smoke or drink, so I'm crossing my fingers that this'll do the job!

Was also taken aback at how many bikinis there are about! As I don't spend much time clothes shopping, I don't really notice what's in the shops, so it was only when I looked for them I realised how much choice there was! Bikini MADNESS. Was also taken aback by woman in Accessorize who had a basket FULL of stuff. And she was saying to her friend 'God Jules, you can just never have too much jewellery!.' I didn't hear what her friend said, but I thought about how much jewellery I have. I have my wedding rings (that's two) and a Tiffany bracelet that Hefty bought me for our first Christmas together. That's pretty much it! At this point, I started off on some kind of Karl Pilkingtonesque quest for knowledge, and started looking at how much jewellery women were wearing as I walked about. I think the woman was right, for some people, you never can have too much, and wearing as much of it as possible seems the norm in some cases. One woman had these MASSIVE earrings on that looked a bit like those elaborate doorbells you get at country houses, where there's a big metal cat or horse above the bell pull. All I could think about with her was, 'If we were having a fight, I'd go straight for those.' Isn't it strange though? How different we all are? It's literally not something I ever think about, I don't even have my ears pierced or anything. Yet just about every woman I saw had a fair bit on. I'll stick with my minimalist look, it's just not my thing really, and I think if I wore any, I'd just fiddle with it all the time and end up taking it off. I like watches, I guess I have a fair few of those, but even then, I don't wear them all the time. I tried to buy a funky looking Henry Holland one, but the claspy thing was nigh on impossible to open, so I couldn't try it on. Reckoned the only way to open it was the Hulk Smash way, which would be a waste of money.

So that was my afternoon. If I'm shopping for fun I like homeware and gadgets. I didn't look at either of these things today, disappointing.

An aside. I didn't order enough oat milk this week, and I've nearly finished it all (which means a trip out to a real supermarket).

Another aside. I don't think I've ever seen a single cool person on 'The Crystal Maze.' Except maybe Richard O'Brien, and I'm not sure why I think he's cool, he wrote that 'Rocky Horror' thing didn't he? I though that was utter gash.

A third aside. I hid lots of people on the Facebook news feed thing yesterday, and today, I realised how little goes on on that place. Though every person whose feed I did see, made me smile, which reaffirms my belief that having a sort out of friends is good for the soul.

Jolly holidays

Today, I had planned to go holiday shopping. I need stuff for my jollies and I'll need to buy it now cos they don't sell that kind of thing in October. But, I only just woke up and I feel like ASS. But then Hefty essentially made me feel obliged to do it, as he transferred money about and stuff, so I feel bad that he did that despite being criminally busy (not actually in a criminal way, he's not a gangster). He's been working 12-14 hour days this week, I don't know how he does it. He also gets up at the crack of knacker to fit in going to the gym! It makes me tired just thinking about it, but he says he enjoys the gym, and he's happy putting in the hours cos he does it for me. The man is a SAINT.

Anyway, yesterday, I sort of started holiday shopping by buying a guide book (don't try and look inside, it won't work unless you go to Amazon where I nicked the picture from), which should arrive shortly (hooray for Amazon Prime!). I'm not usually one for guide books, first and only one I've ever had was a Venice one that I got when me and Hefty went on our first holiday there seven or so years ago. But, it's a long plane journey (eleven hours to LA, five and a bit to Hawaii) so I thought it might be useful to swat up. Also, I haven't been there since I was thirteen, and I'm pretty sure it's changed! There's a Wet 'n' Wild now for a start! Hefty was going to hire a car for a couple of days so we could explore the island a bit, so I thought it'd be proactive to at least come up with somewhere to go!

Looked in to the iPad thing, if I bought it in the US I'd save £150. But, I can't bear the thought of leaving the packaging behind so I'll be a schmuck and just pay the full amount.

Anyway, once my book arrives, I shall have to go forth and buy shorts.