Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oh yeah, that Blog thing....

Well, I have realised what's going on here. I keep forgetting I have a blog. Actually forgetting, and then every now and then I think, 'Oh yeah, I should write something.'
Today, I had this same thought, and started pondering as to why I keep forgetting, or if I do remember, thinking I have nothing of interest to say. The conclusion I have come to is this: Facebook.

Facebook (and Twitter to some extent) has become my outlet for all thoughtage. The jaunty 'Status update' is now where I voice all my opinions, crazy-ass ideas, and general randomery. Once I've got all this stuff off my chest, it's gone, forgotten, dealt with. Whereas before I would be enraged or pleased about something and feel a compelling urge to get on the old blog and waffle on about it, now, I've already done it in brief summary format. Madness.

I feel like a bit of a twat for not realising this sooner, but hey, I've not had a great year so far, so it's unsurprising that the brain box isn't up to full speed. But what to do about it? I've become too reliant on FB now, and it's far too easy to provide an edited highlight of events to which I can elaborate on further as the comments roll in. I think what has essentially happened here, is that I have become lazy.

Clearly, I need to have a word with myself and sort this out, but in the meantime, my most recent news will have to be delivered in a selection of character-limited points. Sorry.

- This week I fell down the stairs and buggered my arm whilst acquiring a few well placed grazes and bruises.

- I got food poisoning from Nando's which was deeply unpleasant.

- Whilst having to use my other arm to compensate for the buggered one, I managed to revive a reccurring, deep-seated injury and have now buggered the other one (which is in a sling).

- We're going to Wales for the weekend on Friday for my cousin's wedding, which I'm rather excited about. Their invitations were Marmite jars with the relevant info on the labels and inside, so I'm expecting all kinds of wonderment.

That may be it......I shall have to confer with Facebook to check........eugh, I'm so ashamed.......

*attempts to get ass in gear*