Monday, July 31, 2006

Burning the midnight oil

So tonight I am sat at Hefty's place of work, as something has gone majorly wrong at....erm, his place of work. It's all very exciting, being a Network Engineer is clearly a spectacular thing to be. So far, we have hunted for bits of paper to try and work out why things have gone wrong. Wahoo! I don't know what's going on, but it beats my missing the end of 'The New Adventures of Superman,' not.

So whilst he does his networky stuff, I thought I would do a little more research into Rod, given that Rod Hull Day, which I am now changing to, 'The Original Rod Hull Day' inspired by a comment from my blogbuddy skillz, is only three and a bit days away.

So, firstly, upon the heightened success of Peroni, I have taken the bold step of deciding to construct my own Emu, in time for the big day. I am currently going to search the offices of Hefty's HQ to see what materials I can find......

....Well that was fruitless. I found nothing of use at all, but I did find some bananas (not entirely fruitless then), so I might take a few...I also found a developer, who showed me his fish and his cans of Spam. He has one that's best before date was 2005, and one that's 2008. He's going to eat them both together at some point to see if casked Spam is better than new.

On the plus side, I have found a fabulous website that sells Rod Hull merch Rod Shop which is all too tempting when you've become as obsessed as I have with Mr Hull.

Ooh, pizza is being ordered, looks like it's going to be a late one. I've ordered Ham and Pineapple, in honour of Rod. Cos it's pink. And a bit yellow.


You are always on my mind

Well, after muchos chat and discussion about Rod Hull Day, it finally happened, I dreamt about him. Without the aid of Nytol though, so now I don't know whether to take it or not! But, the dream involved me being at a theme park, and discovering a ride called Ride with Rod! You basically got into this pink spaceship which went up and down, and Rod was in there with you. No emu, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Developments are in progress for RHD, and we have now decided on some food items (pink of course) to bring in. Fondant Fancies, pink wafers, marshmallows, Battenberg cake (we'll eat the yellow bits on Thursday), candy shrimps, ham, and Strawberry Nesquik to drink. Hefty bought me a pink caefetiere in honour of the occasion too, so we can decant the Nesquik out of it, as I haven't yet figured out a way to make pink coffee.

Ming is back this week, and now Ford's on holiday!! Chaos all round. Anyhoo, it's good to have Ming back, though Ford did a sterling job filling in for him whilst he was away. Ford is leaving soon, so it's a good job Ming's my best friend or I'd be all alone here :0( Hopefully Ford will keep in touch, but you never know with some people.....

On Saturday, I saw the freakiest scariest film EVER! Wolf Creek, I was so scared I could have cried. Don't watch it, EVER!

My sister came to visit on Saturday as well, bringing the Ginja Ninja that is my niece, Biz. She came in and went straight for the B&O tv!!! Had to stop her in her tracks, or Uncle Hefty would have had to beat her. She's 1 soon anyway, so is very entertaining at the mo. She left a big bite mark and my lovely Habitat sofa. Ginger punk.

Today I feel sick, not sure why, but could do with more sleep. And some cake.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Rod Hull Day

Next Friday (4th August) is Rod Hull Day, so to celebrate, me and my chums are going to eat pink food, and wear items of pink clothing. I may fashion a Peroni-esque Emu if I get chance, as it could really add to the overall atmosphere of the day. I shall reveal further plans as they unfold (and when I've made them up, clearly this is one of my creations), so you can all join in with the spirit of Rod. His birthday is actually on the 13th of August, but as that's a Sunday, it just wouldn't work now would it. Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to it big style!!

Ming? Yes, you can wear your Think Pink t-shirt, if anything, we could all do with one.


iPandah foot stool

As fabulous as our new house is, I have trouble reaching tall cupboards and windows, which is a tad annoying at times, especially if Hefty is on the X-Box and doesn't really want to take a trip to the next floor just to reach a box of food bags.
So, we have purchased a spectacular pandah footstool from Sainsburys!! It may be meant for children, but it's managing to take my weight so far, and I can't tell you how much easier our lives are because of it. I'll post a picture at some point, when the Internet finally arrives. But hooray for iPandah foot stools!! If only everything was so easy....

iP & foot stool

Good Nytol

So this week, because I have been sleeping incredibly badly, I invested in some Nytol. Let me tell you, the entertainment that has followed my pill-popping antics ALMOST makes up for not having the Internet. A series of weird and crazy dreams has ensued, and now, I can't stop taking the stuff, cos I can't wait to get dreaming of an evening!! The visionary delights I have experienced thus far are as follows:

Ford and I were in some snowy mountains eating apples with spaghetti, which was surprisingly tasty.

I acquired a small dog named 'Auckney', who could only be fed on a special type of gravel produced in the Gobi desert. I also dreamt that I wrote a magazine article about fat slag Britney Spears, who was the proud owner (in a trailer trash kind of way)of a white BMW with pink interior.

Last night, I dreamt I was in an old peoples' home version of Big Brother. I don't watch it but I'm pretty sure there are no pensioners in it, so that dream was totally messed up.

Tonight, Hefty and I are watching Spiderman 2, so who knows what will happen.

Sweet dreams y'all.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bad day

I'm having a bad day today. Ming is on holiday for the rest of the week so I'm bored. And today there was no-one to go to lunch with so I've made myself even more depressed by just sitting here. I also have too much work to do because everything has gone wrong for every site I deal with this week, which is crap. Then I rang BT to book in this line thing and the soonest they can do is the 8th of August. As I am sleeping terribly at the moment I'm also really tired, so I'm currently feeling like a complete waste of space.

Which is why I'm venting on here.

Is it hometime yet?

Sad and lonely iPandah :0(

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Me again

I'm running out of return references so I thought I'd just state the obvious this time.

Well, I'm going to order my BT line this week, so hopefully I should be back to my daily blogging in the not so distant future. For now though, I'm still going to have to stick with these silly summary things, because I have work to do, believe it or not. So, here we go:

Went to Chester Zoo, it rocked, some stupid chavvy couple told their child that a mongoose was "a hedgehog, no pandah, no sorry, kangaroo." Their words exactly, idiots. Who says private education is a waste of money, even I knew it wasn't a frikkin kangaroo!!!!

It's very hot, people keep parking too close to my car in the car park at work so I am unable to get a nice flow of air at home-time, and consequently have to sit in a 'hotter than the sun' environment until I can get some wind in on the motorway.

Ming and I just bought some ice cream scented bubbles, that not only smell like chocolate and mint ice cream, but also, were supplied in the form of little cones with a lovely bit of whip on the top.

Ford is being my best friend for the remainder of this week whilst Ming goes on holiday. If he does well, Ming may have to fight to get his place back, but at this early stage, it's impossible to tell which way it will go.

I want kittens, my friend SuperSaz knows of some for sale, but I am highly allergic so it's probably not the best idea. However, I am a sucker for cute little kittens, and the excitment of naming them has already got me in a tiz.

My brother may or may not be appearing in Neighbours. First he said he was, then he said he wasn't, then he said he was again, so I'm confused, and as he's currently in Rio, there's not a great deal I can do about it.

My sunburn has turned brown, but I still look like I have been ironed, and it seems to be drawing a lot of people's attention towards my chest, which is a little freaky. Then again, I'm hardly a flat-chested wench, perhaps they were looking all along and it is only now that I have noticed.

I still haven't seen Superman, I really need to get a move on.

Last night I forgot we have no curtains or blinds in our front bedroom and I accidentally flashed the man over the road. Thank heavens we're getting some coverage soon, or I'll be getting a reputation.

My leg hurts. Ow.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Please don't go

I am still here dear readers, not dead, so please bear with me. I have no internet at home yet because BT are robbing bastards, but I will have at some point, and plan to keep abusing my work facilities so that I can keep you up to date with my shenanigans. I'm just being quite brief at the mo. Apologies.

Here's a summary:

House is nice

Spent two days cleaning old one - no fun AT ALL

Might see Superman tomorrow OR Pirates, will see where the mood takes me

Addicted to Karmacodes by Lacuna Coil

Had a scone today which made me feel uber ill

Officially announced Ming as my Bestest Friend at Work, with Ford coming in a close second

Can't stop playing Pop n Pop on the X-Box

Wish I was a millionaire

Have just realised I didn't eat my yoghurt at lunch time


Also now need the lavatorium.

Peace people, keep on keepin on.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Red Neck Hick

Well hello! I am returned at last! Still no internet at home, so I am abusing the facilities at work seeing as I am in no mood for administration this morning!!!

We're moved in then, carpets down, appliances in (eventually). We had a bit of a to-do with the appliances, the dish washer had a dent in it and the fridge freezer wouldn't fit up the stairs!! So we had to exchange them and after a lot of faffing we finally have them up and running. We still have boxes everywhere which need unpacking, but I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

On Tuesday, I went to the Great Yorkshire Show with work. Took me over two hours to get there which I wasn't best pleased about, but hey. Met up with my friend A and we wandered round seeing the sights. She won a life-size and very realistic cow in a raffle, we ate six donuts between us(yes I know that's spelled incorrectly but these were ring ones so they are more 'donuts' than 'doughnuts'), I had a pork and apple pie, saw some lovely animals, and got sunburned beyond belief!! I was in work attire, which involved a v-neck top, so my decolletage is as red as a beetroot on fire! I look like I've been ironed, it's not great, and my face is also rather rosy. Actually, my face has gone down a bit today so I just have a healthy glow, but my neck is still as red and sore as ever. Hefty put calamine lotion on it last night for me, and I've been using after sun, but it still hurts like hell!!! I shall take a picture, and when I eventually get the internet at home, I can put it on here, along with the one I took of my manky leg. Isn't that something to look forward to!!!

Well, I know I haven't written anything particularly exciting, and for that I apologise, I'm just in a bit of a rush cos I'm at work!! It could also be that now I'm a red neck hick, I have lost brain cells, and the ability to recall my activities has left my brain for good. Or at least until it fades a bit.

I hope.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Moving on up

Well, today we move. It's been a hectic few days mainly consisting of packing and tidying, and we're both shattered. Got to bed around 1am, and got up at 6am. Zzzzzzzzz..........must keep awake......

It's foggy as hell which is fun, and humid to boot. Joy. I can't wait for the day to be over really, even though we have to unpack everything at the other end, at least we can do it gradually. The new house is looking fab though, especially as we now have all the floors down. There was a bit of drama with the carpets, the fitters had two different colours (very similar ones, it was hard to tell but you could), so had to come back and re-do some of it. But it got sorted in the end.

Anyhoo, must be off, got stuff to do!!! Will blog soon, somehow. Prolly when I come back here which I shall be doing a few more times, as we have NO PHONE LINE at the new house, because BT charge 125 punds and we're watching every penny until pay day just in case something drastic happens and needs paying for.

Ciao for now,

iP - home-owner

Sunday, July 02, 2006 Sweet

Well, we have the keys to the house! Friday was a busy day for sure. We got the keys, and went to the house to find that the tiling in the bathrooms needs re-doing because it's been done so poorly, the kitchen and utility room floors hadn't been laid, and we had no fire-place! Oh the joy. All these things are being sorted out apparently, but it's very annoying, and kind of takes the edge off it all. Anyhoo, we went to PIKEA to find blinds and stuff, and did what we do every time we go there; decide it's crap and that we should just stick to Habitat. We ALWAYS do this!! We should avoid PIKEA in the future, because by the time we got to Habitat, we were shattered from walking round the darn place!! We did eat Swedish meatballs whilst we were there though, which were surprisingly nice. Anyways, we bought three toilet roll holders which were reduced from 27 punds to 21! Bargain! So if nothing else we can use the lavatories. We went back to the house and sat in our new lounge looking out over the fields....bliss! Then, we decided to make a move, had to go shopping and pop round to my folks to check on the house (they're currently away), and I wanted to leave some flowers on my poor doggie's grave :0( It was three years since she died on Friday so I wanted to go and see her. Poor lickle thing, I miss her :0(

So anyway, we had decided to make a move, and as we were leaving, our new neighbours rolled up! They are very nice, and about the same age as us, perhaps a couple of years older, so that was a huge relief!! Especially as our current ones (on the left anyway) are such cretins. Turns out they are both doctors too, very handy!! And they share our love for Costco and caffeine!!! It's all good!

So we went shopping and went home to eat pizza, yum! We are being so unhealthy at the moment it's untrue!! We're not used to it so both feel really sluggish and fat. But we'll be in the house soon and can get back to being healthy again!! Plus, Hefty is putting a gym in downstairs, so we can exercise again too. There's a farm shop near us as well so we can buy all organic veg! Yay!

Quite a day then. Unfortunately,it was marred by a slight incident on my part. I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink, and went flying down the stairs! I now have a carpet burn a foot long on my leg, a mahoossive bruise on my ankle, and a split toe-nail. Ouch!! I am in muchos pain, and have to keep my trouser legs rolled up. Keep applying Savlon, it's all blistery now though, yuck. My toe really hurts. Ow.

So that's that.