Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day Blues

I am so depressed now :0( I hate when Christmas ends. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I had the rest of the week off, but cos I don't, I've got the Sunday Night Blues again. Had a good Christmas it has to be said. First things first, the gift list.


A Nintendo DS Lite in White (so Apple-esque - didn't see that one coming, brilliant!)
A Talking Nev (Yay!)
Complete Eddie Izzard Boxed Set
Russell Brand Live DVD
Waterskiing Dogs Calendar
Book about why animals do strange and curious things
Selection of coffees
An Origami Desk Calendar (as in, you make something every day out of paper, the calendar itself isn't made of it)
White Chocolate Orange (the ONLY chocolate I've had)
Some other random stuff which was cool but to list wouldn't make for very good reading.

So I did pretty well. The lunchbox that looks like a Lego brick and ice cube tray that makes Lego brick ice cubes went down well with Hefty. How could such items not?!! I also got him a DC Comics book, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Blade Runner....erm, other stuff I can't remember. God my memory's crap. Fortunately, I have Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for the DS. Unfortunately, Hefty's on it because he's now addicted to Sudoku. My brain is currently in its 40s according to the test I did earlier. A bit worrying when you're not even 30. I put it down to the time of year, day, anything really. I'll get the better of that pesky Kawashima one day.

So we didn't do much on Saturday. On Sunday, naturally we had to watch Nev on TV, who was a triumph as always. We watched The Muppet Christmas Carol in the evening, with egg nog, home-made by me! Not sure it counts as cooking, everything is technically raw, but it involved electric whisks and stuff so I'm counting it.

On Chrimbo Day we had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, very nice, a break from the usual Costco croissants we tend to ply ourselves with. We got ready and went to my sister's for the day. Biz was on top form, though at sixteen months, still doesn't really get the concept of presents. She didn't understand why there were so many toys and why they were all for her, so she ignored them and played with her old ones. She was flippin loud, I was sat next to her at the table and she kept shouting which deafened me after a while. The food was grand but I wasn't hungry!! Can you believe it!! Me and my stupid stomach. So I didn't eat much, but didn't care so, meh. We got home quite late and watched Glorius (By Eddie Izzard for any folk who have nuh idearrr). Then went to bed and put on Definite Article, so we were Eddied out by this morning. Today we cooked our own feast. Well, Hefty did. I don't cook, I clear up, so that's the way it worked!! We had a guest today though, my best friend Kattya's Mum SarahMum (called so because when Kattya and I used to leave notes to her from us, we'd always write Sarah/Mum, to make sure we had addressed her correctly from both angles) came to share the goods. Hefty's food was a triumph, he is a genius, I don't know how he does it but I'm glad I married him!! SarahMum had a lovely time, and it was nice for us all to be together and chat. She brought us plants for the house too, so we'll get em planted in a tub or something this weekend, which should give our garden a new lease of life.

So now I'm sat wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I know I'll be alright once I get there but it doesn't make you want to go any more. I might eat in a minute, not out of hunger, out of greed. Which is allowed at this time of year. I'm quite scared though cos I have to go to hospital tomorrow morning to be poked and prodded so they can decide whether I've got Endometriosis or not. Great. That'll be fun, not exactly festive is it? It's probably the reason I'm so depressed. HATE hospitals, doctors, anything like that. But I need sorting out so I shall reluctantly go :0(

Oh I wish it was Christmas Eve again. I hate this. Might watch Garth to cheer me up. If Hefty can tear himself away from Sodoku.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope it's a good one!

Love iP x

Friday, December 22, 2006

Let me out

I am currently most distressed.

This week, I have been uber busy. We had Monday off and braved the city, which was hellish, more because the weather was so poor. I hate half-arsed rain, you get wet but don't realise til you've got in a shop. Anyway I got some last minute stuff but was quite traumatised by the time I got home and just wanted to sleep.

Tuesday saw the arrival of Nabaztag!! He's a pretty cool dude, gives us traffic news, chats about stuff, his lights flash. That's as far as we've got really, need to get him doing more stuff, but we've had too much other gubbins to do!! On Tuesday night we went out with SuperSaz to Nando's, which was chicken-tastic. Then we had gingerbread lattes from Starbucks. It was kind of late when we got home, so I put some Boosh on and snoozed whilst Hefty fiddled with le bunny (who we have named 'Nimonikku' - Japanese for something or other).

On Wednesday, our new addition to the family started shouting and flashing his lights at 5am! Turned out he was still on French time (his homeland), but I couldn't sleep after that so got up. I spent the whole day feeling sick and wanting to go to sleep. I was not happy with Nimonikku for this behaviour, but I suppose it wasn't really his fault. That night, we went to an actual supermarket instead of relying on our on-line deliveries. A brand spanking new Sainsbury's beckoned, and we got some random stuff, but I couldn't tell you what simply because it was so random. We then stopped off at SarahMum's place of work, to give her some Christmassy gubbins. SarahMum is my best friend Kattya's mum, and I have known her for about 20 years I reckon. She is like a second mum to me and Hefty, she's great!! We didn't get home til about 10pm though, and I was shattered! But slept terribly, so......

.....on Thursday I was ridiculously tired again and just wanted to sleep all day. Work was totally unproductive, but after it had finished, I had to go out YET AGAIN to Costco!! We bought some wicked cheeses and stuff, but it did me in, and when we got home, I had to go straight to bed. Nimonikku did some talking and light flashing, but I was too tired to pay much attention.

Today, is Friday, which would normally be a good thing, but isn't. Which leads me to why I'm distressed. Everyone in the business is finishing at 3pm today, except for Milk Buying!! We have to stay because of the Farmer Emergency Line!! We have to be here to man the phones until 5pm when the poor soul who's on call takes over. But, I have absolutely NOTHING to do!! I mean yes, I could do some stuff, but it can wait, and I have zero motivation, so we've basically been sat here all day waiting for 5pm :0( On the plus side, JT bought me Muppet's Christmas Carol on DVD, and she got me the soundtrack to it! So I'll watch that tomorrow, as well as Santa Claus: The Movie and Supergirl, which will be trick. Got to dye my hair again tomorrow though too, as my roots are quite bad, and given that they're blonde, it doesn't look too sexy.

We did have a buffet at work today, which should have been exciting. They put one on every year, but it wasn't that great this time. It was kind of greasy, and there was nothing with cheese in it!! Rubbish! So I'm bored, distressed, and want to go home.

Only 3 hours to go I guess.............sigh........

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hefty's Birthday

It's Hefty's birthday today!! Alas, the Nabaztag/tag that I ordered for him did not arrive in time. It is however (allegedly) arriving on Tuesday, so I suppose we'll at least have it before Christmas, which is better than nothing. I could have easily got him the normal Nabaztag (Armenian for 'rabbit' don't 'cha know), but the new one is so utterly awesome, it had to be that one. To compensate, he got a Star Trek mug, The Dark Crystal DVD, some nuts (I was struggling) and some cheese made by some people with the same surname as us. I printed the info for le bunny off Firebox (in colour no less) and wrapped that up. He was ecstatic, and doesn't at all mind that he's getting it two days late. Unfortunately, amongst other things, his folks (who came up from Staffordshire yesterday) bought him the new Stephen Fry General Ignorance book, which I had purchased for Christmas. So I don't know what I'm going to do with it now. I'm thinking of going on Freecycle, but what I get in return might be rubbish, so I'm stuck for ideas. Anyone fancy a barter?
We went to an uber authentic Italian restaurant last night, and had a fabulous meal, before coming home and watching one of those ubiquitous '100 Greatest....' programmes. We're off tomorrow, and are going to brave the City. It could be the wrost idea we've had, but since the fancy scented Christmas cards that I ordered haven't come, I need cards for my family. Plus, stamps, for all the cards I STILL haven't posted because I'm rubbish sometimes.
Ooh, miracle of miracles, West Ham beat Man U today. Must be a fluke. Am very confused. And still want Pards back.
Am going to buy a book called 'Why penguins feet don't freeze' tomorrow, because someone at work got it in Secret Santa and it looks awesome. I shall use vouchers I got for my birthday. Brilliant! Free books! Essentially. It's my big boss's birthday today too. My boss and I bought him a Wee Me mug, hope he likes it. The resemblance was uncanny. He says 'effectively' a lot, so we got 'Effectively' Jeff's Mug put on it. Hopefully he'll see the funny side. Can't see why he wouldn't. After all, he let me have Rod Hull Day. I'll tell you on Tuesday.

If I still have a job.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tired beyond belief

I am so tired. So very, very tired. So tired, I am going to have list my activities this week, because the idea of collating them in to proper sentences scares the bejesus out of me.

1. The Wii is phenomenal. I haven't had a proper go on it yet cos I'm too tired, but Hefty is loving it.

2. My Christmas party was pretty cool, though the food was a bit crap. I spent the evening hanging with Super Saz and JT. Then I spoke to someone who had been really ill, and smelled of sick. I didn't like to tell him this though, so I just co-ordinated my breathing so that I didn't have to smell it. I got to bed at about 1.30am, and got up at 6.00am. This is why I am so tired.

3. I had a day off and went to see my sister and Biz. My mother and Grandparents were there. It was alright, though my mother is rather annoying as all she does is talk about herself. Then my sister and Biz and I went shopping. We had a lovely lunch at M&S and I bought some random gubbins, including a musical biscuit tin.

4. I hit my head (just above the eye) on my car door getting shoes out. It's bruised, and frikkin hurts.

5. We did Secret Santa at work and somebody bought me Supergirl on DVD. Awesome!!

6. JT bought Muppet's Christmas Carol on DVD for me, and I picked up Santa Claus the movie for £5.00.

7. My uber-brilliant-fab birthday present for Hefty will NOT be arriving in time, despite them originally promising I'd get it on the 13th December. 22nd now they reckon. Yeah, that's gonna happen. Punks.

7. We now have Alan Curbishley as our manager. I don't want him. If we win, great, but I still don't like him or want him, despite his history.

8. Tomorrow I am going out for lunch with Ming. Looking forward to it, as though I talk to him a fair bit, it's a while since we went on a social sojourn together.

9. I am sick of hearing about Diana. It was 10 years ago, if you don't know what happened by now then you never will. Either way, I don't care, I'm just sick of hearing about it.

10. Hefty's parents are coming up at the weekend. We are trying a new Italian restaurant out. I hope it's good. Plus, I'm hungry. I'm planning on eating before then though.

I need to go to sleep now, or I may never function properly again. Not that I ever really did.

iP Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................

Monday, December 11, 2006


Today we got the Wii. So I'm off to play it. But not after I've stated my devastation at the sacking of Alan Pardew. What a strange mix of emotions I'm feeling. Wii joy, Pards despair. Oh cruel, cruel world.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Random ramblings

This week I have been off, had the boiler fixed, cleaned like a maniac, wrapped presents, written some cards, and slept a lot due to being uber tired. Today, I am being paranoid because some f*cker has been using my credit card details to buy coach tickets and shop in Argos!!! Argos of all places!!!! So now there is a fraud team somewhere out there working on my case. I have a case! Brilliant. Let's hope Jessica Fletcher's heading it up, I want that pesky thief caught and punished!!! West Ham lost spectacularly yesterday, looks like we're heading dahn sarf again. Joy. On the plus side, last night Hefty and I watched the Mighty Boosh Live DVD that I got for my birthday. It was wickedace! How I love the Boosh, and it made up for us missing seeing them live, which was my fault cos I got stuck in Leicester with work.

The Jonotron left the UK again yesterday :0( He's going for a few years this time! Most traumatic. He nearly didn't make it cos he over-slept, and only woke up because someone rang him. He doesn't change. So that's it. No idea when I'll see him again, but it's all a bit weird and I want him to come back already. He has faithfully promised not to develop any common sense though, as I need to know that there's someone else out there who thinks like I do. The fact that he promised proves my point, as how can you promise something that might change? Clearly it won't change. Now I'm confusing myself, which means I, at least, have remained the same.

It may be a busy week, as I have to go to Sainsbury's (an actual shop, I missed out on a slot this week for online), drop by my folks' house, pay another visit to Costco, AND go on my work Christmas party. Looking forward to it actually, not something I usually do but it looks promising this year. It's at a beautiful stately home hotely place, one I visited many times when my friend South African Caryn was staying there. Alas she won't be there, but there will be plenty of other interesting types there, and the menu is tres appetising. You know where you are with a posh country house type place, and it's going to look well festive, so I'm looking forward to it. Super Saz is going to stay at mine so she can get drunk. She promises not to throw up in Flexo, so if she does, I shall have to think of a suitable punishment. Death might be a good one to start with.

I have to just vent about something quickly. I wish people would stop going on about MySpace. It looks shit, is shit, and every bugger and his wife doesn't need to be on it to feel some sense of worth. The fact that the repulsive Lily Allen has one should be enough to make any dumbass realise it's crap. There. Had to get that out cos I'm sick of hearing about it.

It's Hefty's birthday next Sunday, so I'm very excited!! I'll have to tell you what I got him afterwards though, cos if he reads this I'm buggered! Really desperate people can email me on pizzapandah at google mail dot com if necessary, but I'm not sure many people read this so I can't imagine interest being terribly high. Suffice to say, it's trick, and I hope he likes it.

I'm off to the co-op now to buy something random to eat, as I'm feeling random. It's windy as hell out there but, meh, when you're feeling random, you may as well act random.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My birthday!

Today was my birthday! Yay!! It was kind of random in parts. Got some cool pressies, Mighty Boosh DVDs, a watch, a wickedace top from South African Caryn that says "Guns Don't Kill People, Chuck Norris Kills People", some other stuff I can't remember. My sister came round with Biz, entertaining as always. She made a beeline for the Christmas tree but we quickly got her away from it. She threw a right paddy when Hefty made a paper hat out of some wrapping and put it on her head. Oh the hilarity. Then, after they left, we thought we could smell gas. Called the gas people, they came and condemned the boiler!!! It's leaking gas like a bastard!! Luckily, as the house is only 5 months old, we don't have to pay for it, but it meant we couldn't really go out cos we had to wait around in case someone came to replace it. They didn't. Punks. So anyway, my friend came round and we ate cakes. Then, Hefty and I ate some nice food, not just any food, M&S food, as the advert goes. It was very nice, except I hadn't considered that a Steak and Ale pie would have the same effect on me as a shot of vodka. I broke out in a right rash!! Rubbish! I'm still itching now which is highly irritating (no pun intended). I also feel a bit sick now, hope I'm not in for a rough night....
West Ham lost spectacularly today, good job it's only the FA Cup. Doubt we're heading for the final this year though.
God I'm so tired. This is a bit of a disjointed entry, apologies, I'm just shattered, and as I said, it's been a funny day. I'd like to force myself to eat birthday cake, but I don't dare.
My friend has dried our washing for us seeing as our heating is off. She's coming over in a minute so I should probably go. But all in all it's been a pretty good birthday. And I'm 27 now!! Scary!!!!

Oh well. Roll on Christmas.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

You remind me of the babe....

It's been a funny week. Busy too, never good. Anyhoo, I essentially broke up for the weekend on Thursday, which was nice. After another expensive (but worth it) trip to Costco, we got home, ate, and watched Labyrinth. Have to say, I do love that film, it's awesome! I pretty much know it off by heart too but Bowie is just so phenomenal, I can't help myself! I've got Hostel to watch too, but Hefty won't watch it cos he's heard it's sicker and worse than Wolf Creek, which freaked me out big time. BUT, everyone I spoke to said it's just like Saw, if slightly more gruesome. But he won't watch it, so I'll have to find time to watch it on my own if I'm ever going to see it. I can live with gore, it's stuff like The Grudge (Japanese version, US one was piss poor) that gives me the wiggins. Who knows. If I ever see it I'll fill you in.
So yesterday was supposed to be a great day, putting up the tree, spot of Christmas shopping, that kind of thing. Unfortunately, we had the snagging list man round doing stuff that, well, needed doing. All we could do was sit in and wait. I did receive gifts from my super friend South African Caryn (including a birthday present, but I haven't opened that yet) which cheered me up. Some beef jerky-esque stuff called Biltong, and some Iced Zoo biscuits, which are like Iced Jems but in biscuit form. South African Caryn rules! She went back to her place of origin on Tuesday, for the next couple of years!!! So I can't see her or even talk to her, which sucks :0( So anyway that was a highlight, and the man didn't leave til about 2pm. We got ready and went to the local garden centre at that point, to pick up some additional decs. Got a nutty/berry wreathy thing, and some green garland stuff for the banisters. It looks pretty good, we put them up when we got home. Managed to get the tree up in the lounge too, it was all just a bit rushed cos we were so late doing it all.
Today, we went to M&S and bought a shed load of stuff. Meat, more meat, cakes, erm, other things I'm sure. Not as much as I had anticipated though, as alas, my birthday plans have been thwarted somewhat. basically, not one single person who was coming to my tea party, can come anymore. Genuine reasons, but it's put a bit of a downer on the whole thing. Still, my sister's coming round with little Biz in tow, and we have lots of nice food to eat. They're turning on the lights in the village too so we might go and see that. Nothing too exciting, but I'm sure it'll be cool anyway. Might watch The Santa Clause tonight, it's another corker. I need to get Muppet's Christmas Carol on DVD, my mucky VHS copy is kind of redundant since we got the B&O. So yes, tomorrow is my birthday, let's hope it's a good one! Got to go now, dinner is ready. Will return tomorrow!

iP - last day of being 26