Monday, July 16, 2007

Fed up-ness

I'm having a rubbish day. Following on from the utterly rubbish day I had on Friday. I'm so fed up I can hardly do anything.

Work sucks.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chuck Norris Action Jeans


Days out and gacky eyes

Well, my migraine continued (or rather, re-started) on Tuesday, and I also had a horribly busy day at work. But, on Wednesday, as part of our annual dossfest, I got to go to the Great Yorkshire Show! After a lot of the torrential storms that have been frequenting the country of late, I was concerned it would be a water-logged washout of an event, but, it was sunny, sunny, sunny! And the ground was dry! A good start I felt. I went with a fellow comrade called Lise, and we were at the company stand for 8am (thanks to a nifty travel idea I came up with), tucking into fancy bacon sandwiches, and chin-wagging with the field team. We then hit the stalls at 9am, and they were nice and quiet, enabling me to purchase 12 packets of Seabrooks crisps in a big fancy Seabrooks bag for 2 punds, and a Jordan's cereal goody bag for 5 punds, which contained a box of cereal, 2 bags of muesli, and a couple of boxes of cereal bars! Bargain! Cos 1 bag of stuff (my fave is maple and pecan) normally costs £3.49, so to get all that was a steal! I also bought some Biltong (3 bags) for Hefty, as he loves it. It's a beef jerky type thing from Africa, and he fell in love with it after South African Caryn sent him some last year. We also managed to caj some free samples, and went to this fab ice cream parlour, where we had Toffaberry sundaes, which were cinder toffee ice cream things with rasperries, caramel, marshmallows and raspberry coulis. Yum! They were really good, almost phenomenal! We then went back to the company stand for lunch, which was also pretty good, and we chatted some more to the field team and some farmers. The ones from the ASDA advert turned up, and it was a surreal Hollywood style moment - for a lot of people it seemd - but not for me and Lise. We were forced to meet them, but we were trying to slope off and get some free bread from the Warburtons stand! We had another wander round, tried to win a giant stuffed cow but failed and cried, then nearly wet ourselves with laughter at this wooden carvings stand, cos there were some very clever carvings, but some of the wood had been left on and the animal ones looked like they had club foots! Or should that be feet?!! Anyway, they looked WRONG!
We left at about 3pm and didn't hit any traffic which was another Brucie bonus! A good day out all in all!

On Thursday, I can't remember what I did. At all. Worrying. Hmm.....

Oh well. On Friday, it was just me and JT in our department, but she was super busy all day so we hardly spoke. Luckily, SuperSaz was also in, so I spoke to her instead! It was a pretty shitty day though, a lot of stuff went wrong, and I started to think there might be something in this Friday the 13th malarkey after all. I also walked in to a coat stand, and really hurt my left-eye :0( It was bloody painful, and I even cried. By the time I'd left work and gone to pick Hefty up, I was just sat in the car crying cos I'd had such a bad day! Not something I do very often, but it really had been that bad! We went home, and SuperSaz came round and we had Chinese. She stayed over too, but we all went to bed quite early cos we were all knackered for some reason!

Today, we got up and went to the village gala, held at the fire station. It was pretty good, though I wanted Hefty to win me a giant stuffed dog (to make up for the cow), and as he'd stayed at home, we had to wait for him to get ready and walk down. He only had to have a shower and a sammich, but it took him an hour and a half!! By the time he arrived, a lot of the stalls had packed up! Also, we discovered he's not really good at EVERYTHING, cos to win a dog you had to throw balls at tins and knock em off, and he was rubbish. With 4 balls he missed twice and managed to knock over 1 can. Useless. Then he got pissed off because he's used to being good at everything. He wouldn't have another go either because he was in a mood, so we all went home.

When we got home, I had a really bad hayfever attack, and had to go to bed. When I woke up, my eyes were so gacky they were stuck together and I couldn't open them! We had to bathe them, and now they're still sticky, but also really sore. Not amusing!

Tomorrow, I'm meeting my sister and the Biz, at the shopping centre near us. Who knows what it will bring! Chaos I'm sure if the Biz has anything to do with it! Little punk! She rules! :0)

So there. Me and my sticky eyes are going to try and watch CSI:NY.

Atchoo. Pah! >:0(

Monday, July 09, 2007


This is for Tim's benefit. It's what I tried to email you, but you couldn't open.

Remember me? I used to blog here....

Bless me Blogfather, for I have sinned. It's 12 days since my last posting........

Do you know what I hate about being ill ALL the time? Not only can I not write on my own blog, I can't read anybody else's, and I have got one hell of a backlog to catch up with!

So I came home early this afternoon cos I had a migraine. A migraine? Whatever next. Not content with sickness, deafness, blindness and fatigue so bad you feel like you've got boulders hanging off your eyelids, I'm now having headaches that feel like my eyes are going to explode. Pah. It's really pissing me off now, I want my life back.

I was in hospital this morning seeing the specialist (an ear doctor, not Sly Stallone) and she showed me some exciting graphs that show what my ears do under certain circumstances. Most people's ears will have parallel lines on this graph. Mine looked like Lindsay Lohan's legs, i.e. so wide open they might never meet again. It looked quite cool, but I'd rather have NOTHING wrong with me, believe you me.
Before I went in for my appointment, I nipped to the loo, and noticed the woman in the cubicle next to me had her hands on the floor. They were moving, but I thought this was well weird, so I washed me hands and got the hell out of there. My appointment ran half an hour late, because some woman had collapsed in the toilet apparently. My heart beat a little faster as I heard this news, and then I saw the oldest woman in the world being wheeled out of an observation room and my heart nearly stopped! I recognised her hands! It was the woman in MY toilet! Ooh eck! I felt terrible then, but then I thought, meh, hospitals are full of psychos, if I had tried to help this woman, you can guarantee she wouldn't have been some frail old bird who'd collapsed, she'd have been a hardened druggy, on the floor cos she was shooting up and ready to stab the next person who tried to interfere with a hepatitus, HIV riddled needle. Course, if I had done something sooner, I'd have got in sooner, but I wasn't in a rush, I was only going back to work after all.

I still have the remnants of a headache, so I've woken up to have some food, but then I'm going back to bed, as I need the sleep, and a darker room than the one I'm currently in.

But before I go, I feel the need to slag off Live Earth. Everytime I turned it on, which was only about 4 times and only to exclaim, "Bloody hell, is this STILL on?!', they were rambling on about Al Gore's film. It was quite an event, and yes I'm sure I'm not the first person to point out how much energy/fuel/blah blah blah must have been wasted to run the thing and get everyone there, but it seems utterly bizarre to put on such an epic concert based on a film!!! Now, I'm not opposed to being green, saving energy, recycling, all that kind of thing, that's cool, it's the whole C02 thing that pisses me off, cos I've seen too much evidence that blows their theories out of the water. Not least because in Gore's film he uses graphs with no x and y axis!!! Uber dodgy Al, sort it out!! BUT, based on this, I've decide I'm going to put on a concert, based on the Rocky films. I'm going to put on a concert to raise money and awareness, to have the Rocky Balboa statue re-instated outside Philadelphia town hall (or is it a museum?). I feel he's earned it. I'm not sure who'll play, but they'll have to play the songs from all the Rocky soundtracks, particularly 'No Easy Way Out' from Rocky IV, that's my favourite (I even have it as my ringtone!). I'm not sure what to call it either.....hmm...will have a good think about it. But I'd much rather see a bronze Rocky re-appear, than stop breathing because I emit C02.

I watched Click and A Scanner Darkly at the weekend. Both good, especially the latter cos it was a wicked effect, the whole film/cartoon thing. Not sure what's on the menu this week, but we've seen loads now, and saved ourselves a fortune, so it's all good.

Well, ciao for now, I may make it back here sometime soon.