Monday, November 27, 2006


I was well tired today! Lack of sleep as per usual. I stay up to watch Torchwood, even though it's dire, and it makes me uber sleepy every Monday morning. Going to dye my hair again tonight, it should be all dark and lovely. I have one of my school meetings tomorrow so I can showcase it there. I've been faithfully promised that there'll be food at it this time, instead of manky chocolate biscuits like there usually is. At my meeting this is, I sort of made that sound like it was something to do with my hair. I don't think I have a great deal to say today, which is dull. Sorry about that. It's cos all I've done today is speak to mardy farmers and sleep inbetween doing reports. Ooh, apart from when I went to Costco. But I go there every week so the excitment factor has worn off. I can tell you that they have the world's biggest Toblerone there for the bargain price of 40 squid. If you like that kind of thing.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Going loco

Today was a good day! I am recovered at last! After a crappy week, I woke up today feeling pretty fly! Hefty and I watched Saturday Kitchen in bed whilst drinking fresh coffee, then we got up and went to get Hefty's hair cut. It's a bit of a drive, but he won't go anywhere else and I'm happy to take him. While he was being shorn, I looked round some funky shops, and bought some Christmas presents for him. Then we came home, had lunch, and I had a snooze whilst watching Poirot. Bliss. And now I've just got back from Chiquito's, a Mexicany restaurant, where we went with my best friend Kattya, her boyfriend C, her sister (and our friend) Squiz, and my little bruv the Jonotron. Hilarity ensued, as we spent all evening trying to take amusing photos. They were VERY amusing, down-right hysterical to be honest, but describing them to you would be none of these things, so I'll simply say that I haven't laughed that much in ages!! We were pissing other diners off with all the flashing apparently (the camera flash that is), but who cares?! We don't all meet up very often, and you don't go to that kind of restaurant for a quiet, intimate meal. Hefty is currently attempting to get the photos he took off his phone and on to the G5, but he reckons they're not very good. Let's hope Squiz's are!! She had a proper camera though, so they should be!! I say proper camera, every time I tried to take a photo the bloody thing turned itself off. I'm not much good at these things though, it has to be said. Oh, and West Ham won today!! Brilliant! We're 15th now, bad, but better!!! Tomorrow I'm going to dye my hair again. Did I mention that one weekend I just randomly dyed it really dark brown? It looks AWESOME!!! I thought I'd look horrendous (but did it anyway, as you do), but it looks wickedace. Very Lacuna Coil, which is the main thing. Mocha Brown is the colour, it's nice!! Have to do it again though cos it's faded already, and I want to keep it looking gothy. We're also going to Starbucks tomorrow for Gingerbread lattes!! At last!!! And then we're going to Toys R Us to get some stuff for my niece Biz. Can't wait for that! Toy stores are wonderful for immature folk like me! What I really want at the mo, is a talking Nev toy. Nev, for those of you who don't know, is an awesome blue bear thing from CBBC. He's now mainly on SMILE, the CBBC Sunday morning thing. He's well cool, says really random things, has half an ear missing, and is blue!!! I really want one anyway, but they cost £30.00 which is a right rip! Anyways, I'm getting a bit sleepy now, had a busy day! Ooh it's my birthday a week tomorrow, yay!! Next weekend is going to be even better! Plus, we've booked Friday off to put up the Chrimbo decs! Ooh I love December so much, it's the best!!!

Happy iP

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Well, the evil cold type thing I developed, finally took hold of me yesterday. I went to work feeling lousy, but from 3pm onwards I just got worse. My eyes started watering excessively, my hilarious colleagues decided to give me marks out of ten for coughs and sneezes, and when hometime came, I honestly thought I was too ill to drive home. But I did, and was forced to eat something by Hefty, even though I have NO appetite. Bit of a rough night, am ridiculously hot which didn't help with the old sleeping, so I woke up this morning and just thought "ugh." So I spent today at home, mostly sleeping, but I decided I'd have to get up and try to get going, cos I hope to be okay tomorrow. I can usually work with a cold, it's not nice but I manage, however this has been different and really knocked me for six. Hopefully this means I won't be ill for mine and Hefty's birthdays and Christmas though, which will be a vast improvement on last year!
We never made it for gingerbread lattes on Saturday due to the onslaught of my cold, so I'm going to have to make a special effort this weekend instead! Still got some Christmas presents to buy, my organisation this year has astounded me. Ooh, but I still need Christmas cards and an advent calendar! A proper one, not a gay chocolate one with crap pictures. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to these things. I'm off to have a look then, on line of course, as if I'd move from my seat!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I have had such an odd couple of weeks. I've been ill on and off with random headaches, sickness, the beginnings of a cold, I generally feel crap. Last night, I slept HORRIBLY, the worst I have ever slept, so I now have a right blinder behind the eyes, the eyes themselves being puffy as hell. Maybe I have S.A.D. Though I'm not sure it makes you feel like you have a cold. Oh the wretchedness of it all. Needless to say my motivation to do anything has been at an all time low. I apologise for my lack of blogdom, I can't write it through the day really, and when I get home at the moment I just want to go to bed.
Today Hefty and I are going to go to Starbucks to sample the Christmas range they do. Will have to purchase some of their Christmas blend for home too, something we do every year without fail cos it rules. I always tell myself to get a gingerbread latte because as much as I love the egg nog ones, they're always sickly as hell. The gingerbread one tastes like a pudding or something, it's nice. As Borat would say. I'm writing drivel here, but I thought I should make my presence known again in case anyone does still read this and has been disappointed by my recent lack of committment to it. I have sneezed all the way through this, and am sick of blowing my nose. Oh the torment. I'm going to sign off now and make an attempt to record the day's events later on. After I have taken medication. And gingerbread lattes.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Scotch Egg Day!

Happy Scotch Egg Day people, hope it was the stuff of dreams. It was for me, until I'd eaten mine and wished I'd bought a spare. Still, life's full of disappointments. I'm just going to have to make it more of an event next year I think. Anyway, exciting news on the Tony Hart Day front. I went on Tony's official website and apparently you can book him!! Wow! Now that would be cool! Also, he has an online gallery, and you can submit your pictures! Bonza!! So we're going to try and submit the winner of our competition in the hope it'll go up there! Fingers crossed!
I have overdosed on Maoams again. We bought loads for trick or treaters but were only visited by one, so now I'm duty bound to finish off the rest of the blessed pumpkin pail. Ouch. My gums hurt, but I can't stop eating them. Curses.