Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glastonbury and Cheese

I really am baffled by the Glastonbury ticket process. It's one of those things I've always fancied doing (though I'd have to think of a way around the camping, I DO NOT camp), but I don't get why you buy your tickets six months before you even know who's playing. My friend said to me, "It's the experience, and there'll always be someone you want to see." Well, every year I look at the line up to see if I wish I'd bothered, and every year I'm glad I didn't! This year is particularly bad. I know I mainly like Metal, but I'm very open-minded and like lots of different music, but it seems to me that the place is full of crap and distinctly average bands. So what would I be going for? The catering supplies and stalls. Great. WELL worth £200.

So it's three and a half months til my holiday. Not that long says Hefty, FEELS like it. He and I have an entirely different view on these things. He thinks three months is nothing and will fly by, I see it is THREE WHOLE MONTHS (and two weeks) and it drags. He will probably be excited about a month before, whereas it'll be a couple of days before for me as I have no patience. If it's not happening immediately, I can't get excited about it. My Dad is the same. The folks went on a cruise yesterday, neither of them wanted to go (?) but as they'd never done it before they thought they should have a go. A cruise is also a pretty good way of seeing lots of different places that might be faffy to sort out by any other means. So they're seeing Rome, Venice and Florence over a few days, which I suppose is easier. Can't remember where else they're going, but I'm guessing it'll all be around that sort of area. My Mum was washing and sorting out packing two weeks ago, my Dad only started thinking it'd be nice to go on holiday on Monday. At least I know where I get it from. (Tim: Whilst I remember, please can you email me that little cut-out of you to take with me? Want to make sure I get you in on some good photo opps!)

Nice weather again today! Am going to walk Ozzy before the England match malarkey kicks off. I don't support England, I'm Republic of Ireland all the way, but as I like football, and the England team consist of players who used to play for West Ham, I'll give it a go. They've obviously not played great so far, but as I'm not emotionally attached, I can shrug it off. I am, however, pissed off with France! Not only did they deny us a place in the World Cup thanks to Henry's handball (which he ADMITTED and STILL we weren't allowed a replay!!), they don't even want to be there! Moaning bastards. So we'll see if England can pull their fingers out and play a decent game of football.

I was telling Hefty how Frank Lampard has the highest IQ in football (around the 150 mark), and he told me how, in contrast, Steven Gerrard probably had the lowest, as he heard him talking on the radio. Apparently, he was asked what his favourite kind of cheese was, to which he replied, "melted." It's almost a Karl Pilkingtonesque kind of GENIUS. But KP will always be better.

Random fact of the day: Saw a top in Harvey Nichols that was called 'Fatal Top.' Needless to say, didn't try it on.

I'm offski!


Tim said...

Frank Lampard - the intelligent footballer. Because he's got some GCSEs.



iPandah said...

Hey, 12, including an A* in Latin, I think that's pretty good, I was crap at Latin AND football, so he's got the edge on me!

Spanks a million!

Tim said...

I'm only going on what my bro told me - I don't really know!