Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oh dear

So I thought I'd sorted out the whole 'school friends being weird and not being real friends' thing in my head. Now, I think some OTHER friends have something against me. What is it that I'm doing that is offending so many people? I try to be a good person, I try to communicate with people, try to meet up, remember birthdays etc. I try to listen, help, I'm a sympathetic, caring person, where am I going wrong? I really don't get it, but I feel that Twitter and Facebook don't help, as I'm not entirely sure if I'm just being paranoid or not. This latest development is very odd though, and came about after I looked around my Twitter account to see if it was working properly. Normally, I would just ask, but in this instance, I can literally think of NOTHING that I might have done, so I'm going to put it down to paranoia for the time being. It's not unlike me to over-analyse things so I shall stay calm and see what happens.

Am still perplexed though, as things are starting to add up in my head, whilst not really adding up at all.



Tim said...

Hmmm. Indeed.

iPandah said...

I've been a blogging demon this week, I think I've actually blogged more than you - amazing! COurse, that's just this week...I'll never beat your overall record.