Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A nutshell

Here's some news, in a nutshell.

- I AM allergic to my new vegan friendly natural face products. *SIGH

- I bought an awesomeasaurus 80s CD for £5.00.

- I Introduced Ozzy to a tiny ginger kitten. Ozzy LOVED it, the kitten HATED him and growled. This upset Ozzy who then sat whimpering and looking miserable.

- Gremlins is on telly, it hasn't been for a while so this IS news.

- Someone has FINALLY put Lindsay Lohan in prison.

- The weather in Honolulu is currently 30°C.

- I think the new Flake advert is so un-Flakey that it doesn't work properly.

- My allergies are SO bad that not only am I ill all day with them, they keep me up all night too.

- I am going to an 80s fancy dress party in a couple of weeks and am so stuck for ideas that I've decided I might go as that Flashdance woman even though I've never seen Flashdance.

- My shopping is coming at 11am tomorrow and will be delivered by Richard in the Lemon van.

So, there we have it. What a wonderful world.


iPandah said...

N.B. That nut didn't look psychedelic before I hit 'publish post.'

Tim said...

I want to see pictures of tiny ginger kitten, and the Lemon van. Not bothered about Richard.

iPandah said...

I'll see what I can do....