Thursday, July 01, 2010

Jolly holidays

Today, I had planned to go holiday shopping. I need stuff for my jollies and I'll need to buy it now cos they don't sell that kind of thing in October. But, I only just woke up and I feel like ASS. But then Hefty essentially made me feel obliged to do it, as he transferred money about and stuff, so I feel bad that he did that despite being criminally busy (not actually in a criminal way, he's not a gangster). He's been working 12-14 hour days this week, I don't know how he does it. He also gets up at the crack of knacker to fit in going to the gym! It makes me tired just thinking about it, but he says he enjoys the gym, and he's happy putting in the hours cos he does it for me. The man is a SAINT.

Anyway, yesterday, I sort of started holiday shopping by buying a guide book (don't try and look inside, it won't work unless you go to Amazon where I nicked the picture from), which should arrive shortly (hooray for Amazon Prime!). I'm not usually one for guide books, first and only one I've ever had was a Venice one that I got when me and Hefty went on our first holiday there seven or so years ago. But, it's a long plane journey (eleven hours to LA, five and a bit to Hawaii) so I thought it might be useful to swat up. Also, I haven't been there since I was thirteen, and I'm pretty sure it's changed! There's a Wet 'n' Wild now for a start! Hefty was going to hire a car for a couple of days so we could explore the island a bit, so I thought it'd be proactive to at least come up with somewhere to go!

Looked in to the iPad thing, if I bought it in the US I'd save £150. But, I can't bear the thought of leaving the packaging behind so I'll be a schmuck and just pay the full amount.

Anyway, once my book arrives, I shall have to go forth and buy shorts.

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